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Kruk & Kuip: 'Bruce Bochy's got something to smile about'

Sat, 14 Sep 2013|

Cubs manager Dale Sveum was pleased with what he saw from his lineup in their approach against Pirates starter Charlie Morton on Friday night.

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  1. Cain looking to avoid a sweep in Pittsburgh

    first two games of series to. Open it up by the Giants we'll see if Matt Cain. Travels slow them down tomorrow Charlie Morton guy who modeled himself after Roy Halladay when he was right before the Tommy John he was a very good pitcher. Very

  2. Sharp Park Golf Course -- history versus nature

    ditch diggers and that's what school kids and there's no course in the world that illustrates that better when Charlie Morton . We're not trying to say to golfers here all along. We're just saying. The wrong place to begin live. Let

  1. Stop by Niemi is Joseph Thornton was out front look at the replay on that from this. Goaltender viewing angle than Joseph Morton plant on the line with two rookies in this contest course Hamilton in the heat with Brent Burns out of the game and third period

  2. been in the post season before for yourself when you get to this spot. Not really that much it's still baseball. It's Morton 's for me it's more about where my stuff set where else you know all the other things. An experience for me doesn't really

  3. going to be at the game and when so if I denied there was great Syrian army to agree to. His name on the board in to You know Morton you know feel good story you know I had him here and and effective. He looks like he's been pretty good and so we know

  4. positive thing. I kind sizzle sometimes you wanna thank gave it gave have you really. Can Nancy has just videos whatever John Morton . Hopefully figured out. Here. Yeah. I'm not knocking. I saw mention play when you first came out there's so I was excited

  5. Sveum happy with Cubs' approach against Morton


    Sat, 14 Sep 2013

    Cubs manager Dale Sveum was pleased with what he saw from his lineup in their approach against Pirates starter Charlie Morton on Friday night.

  6. Will superstition hold up for Cubs?


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    The Cubs look to end the Pirates' four-game winning streak tonight at PNC Park. Jake Arrieta and Charlie Morton will battle off on the mound during a day of superstition.

  7. receiver position right now. Well the way they work a little where they compete. As being around them as a group. So. Johnny Morton and receive coach of the amazing job I really. Really. The man off to the kind of job he's done coaching. Our group. It

  8. Bochy: 'We know where we're at'


    Thu, 18 Jul 2013

    better. As a pitching better and I've said to go and when you have long games it seems like things came pickles laughter. And Morton any thing is we just stuff that. We just runs on the board of their pitching was doing pretty good job. You know was nicked

  9. of the know that I. I think if they didn't. Good football minds to make room and Eric Mangini. Mike's a Keep Christian Morton . You know all the coaches. Love the way they. The way that things and talk football so it's and that has always benefits

  10. unfortunately we expected and just talk about what atmosphere. 2219 road. Not great anytime you put together a winning streak of Morton you know one series it. Kind of takes on a life of its own confidence keeps coming with every game and you feel like when you

  11. vocal crowd at. As we're trying to prevent him from taking the title early on all Pirates while the stops in the lane and hit Morton I think he Mondale's. More Pirates to us about two arrows they don't say number three hits that three Pirates of the five

  12. to Colts won't be. We're locals. Coaching midway through Q school. This whole. I think what clothes pay attention. Morton this season. Us. We'll make us do. more looking more than anything could you please. You know as of mediate. I love the

  13. back. Then maybe something you have to ask him for verification but. They've been. Had a week off then and given the ball Morton hadn't hadn't in my carries that he's had from week to week so I'm sure is little question. Back at practice for a

  14. t see James practice ended the last you know. Nobody knows this team better than Jim Harbaugh in wide receivers coach John Morton . In running backs coach Tom craft and get offensive coordinator. Greg Roman nobody knows those these players better than those

  15. Wondolowski: 'It's a huge rivalry'


    Tue, 6 Nov 2012

    jealous sometimes idea It's not the best thing by you know I think that we. Don't love and you know hopefully do you do what Morton . Mean you know stuff on children you know it's. Yeah so. Aaron Cook finished a sense this season affiliate for the earthquakes

  16. him and talked over some. Of us hurt us Yeah. Yeah I mean we practice and They haven't that is so critical resident John Morton so we need to fix and come back as well. Over. I mean if you used you ran hard. And kept going to contact me that's what

  17. credit to our players and our position coaches. You know Mike's Lawrie syndrome known Tom harassment. Reggie Davis. Johnny Morton G Chris really everybody. Has bought into our system and really really works hard at it and are very involved in the process

  18. more and more confidence really give us six innings like that and throw close to ninety pitches for guys that. Hadn't thrown Morton went thirty or forty in quite some time here I think that was just as impressive as is the actual stuff in the outing had

  19. Has done. Just a tremendous job these guys here these guys are all stars. Tom Batman and Mike's Horry Reggie Davis John Morton chief Chris. on pretty unshaken about 3 in the morning this morning when white T shirts. Finishing up preparations for today

  20. college one more time tackles names on the twist for a nice game which led to short touchdown run. Still the first is mark Morton making his way into the end zone 21 to nothing Cougars second quarters to big arm of Riley even red tipped well. Is way down