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9.21: SF/AZ Postgame- Amy G with Aaron Rowand



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Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

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You know not a good night tonight together tail kicked. Didn't played well didn't coach well. You know I'd like to be able to say something other than what actually happened that's what happened in -- give Oregon State credit. In the play better and we didn't. Yes so what happened and only so much about it. It. So I can you talk what you thought process and changing quarterbacks in the third quarter and -- kind of where it goes from here. Yeah you know same thing you know we've seen a couple times -- can manager change and we felt like we need to make the switch. To put Zach in and -- they did some good things. You know give us a little spark of energy and and moving forward you know we'll see I don't know I don't know what the answer is we'll talk about it -- Q -- you from here. What was the defensive game plan going in with with the go for any coach who is there any double team him. And Chase Field side yeah we we did that mean we knew we. Tried to even get a handle them keep them off line of scrimmage rolled coverage to them. But the safety over the top of it and we tried him actually at the line of scrimmage we play linebacker out of the box more to his side. You know the -- Yeah I made a lot of plays made a lot of competitive players on the football. You know. We had guys in position to make some plays and and he made made the place and you know -- football players were good players do in. When they have opportunities to make plays they you know they. Do it needed to do it over and over and over again. What did you see out of cup rich and servants that -- what they both bring the rain hard. You know thought they did some good things you know we've had a hard time running the football and they continued tonight. But I but I thought. He -- both. You know had opportunities with the theory and -- you know we didn't do very good job to line of scrimmage. A lot of times tonight in Phil and collect he played very well up front that's been an issue for us what you know through most of the year. You know just kind of -- me consistency of friends and some -- a lot of penalties in the office of mine and I we're gonna do your thing we can get that fixed. I thought those guys you know when they got their hands on the football that they. In the performed. To perform pretty well. What what you do to make sure your team doesn't lose complete confidence in the -- that things don't. Yeah I wish I keep working on this the deal in other -- generate their confidence from us as coaches and so. You know I'm I'm extremely disappointed that you know I'll get Overton and show up tomorrow and romo's things and go to work and keep on working and that's. You know that's where -- generator. The other attitude will be from lesson in how we handle this and you know as a set on this point and I'll get over tomorrow and and move on. When you when you talk about being disappointed are there any specific things that mean you mentioned the line played them did you feel you ready to play and I just. So it sort of just an overall. Yeah we didn't play well and obviously I think you know when it and that's that's our job to get it right -- it too obvious wouldn't agree to I mean. You know. They scored a lot of points they held us to very few points and they pretty much lined up and kicked our tail. Can you talk about your decision to -- fields have gone for it in the first quarter. Yeah I just fell according to get some points you know it's the same thing. I think right now we you -- red zone and short yardage offense and -- particularly effective and felt like it was important for Austin. To get on the board try to get some confidence early in the ball game in. And such a decision meant. Percentage guessing that you would possibly open up. Quarterback competition this coming week as you did three -- jealousy I mean we always. What we talk about time I -- all the spots are always open for him for competition and so. You know. -- CO -- you know I don't I don't know how it's going to I don't know. You don't look at the tape and see. You'll find -- the quarterback we think is the best chance to win that you know -- act in a project but he came in and did your job and when the best set of circumstances form competed Harden. You know he's a good kitten. You know it was obviously got some talent so we'll see you know. Go to practice look at the tape and then. And try to make the decision we think of this morning going over the right tackle position probably sent the game. Posted yeah he's been it's Stephen Morris and sick he had a -- strep throat. Didn't practice this week. Yeah yeah I would he would you know we knew we wouldn't it he'll play a complete game just hadn't practiced and you know we -- counter for some answers and so we've we put him and see if it helped. You used -- a lot as a short yardage back last week a little bit less so this week or you evaluating where you go we will continue to use him from time to time I don't think it's going to be something that we. We major and you know -- and I think. I think. You'll always try to utilize the talent that we have -- place form an opportunity in the morning to be kidding. So we'll try to figure was utilized. Michael always kind of splitting time with more -- again -- -- scheme and they both earned and get some reps or did -- replace them because of poor performance. No no no we just we were just try to get my complaint Hamilton again. Yeah I mean I you know wouldn't suit anybody. Performed particularly well I mean I think when you sit down look at it -- mean. There's a sense that we played well on defense and we've got confidence. So you know remarkably summation you try to give guys opportunities looking for some answers and so we made some personnel switches and you know continue to do that if we if we think it's gonna benefit us. No I don't think so. Well I think we came out.

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