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5.27: Randy Johnson Postgame



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Sun, 25 Aug 2013|

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You know we got a ton of run support recently have been good for you this season club works awfully early on and -- -- -- -- where you're able to attack -- lineup. I think accidents and I'm in a big difference in the game -- -- cut those runs on anything relax and let me so finally catches. Coming -- you know you just you can't you know wish your pitches which is what I I think that was put pressure on myself today is generally not doing much -- You know that we're doing strikeout the side. It just coincidence or or is it really you know something about how they how limited -- in that situation or just coincidence okay. There. He's -- recruiters what do you want it. We're very current dispute locating my fastball no and then everything kinda -- part of you know or more to Chipper Jones trying to. Be aggressive in the zone. Just tell us and me and tell -- on -- episode. -- -- -- Yeah it's encouraging but I mean I'm obviously looking for stuff than negative stuff just. Trying to make better you know him and me on the positive which is absolutely -- in the I think that's had a hey listen to us from my frustration and it's it's and is not taken that -- lead a little bit better. -- used to -- so. Of course I do I mean it's it's it's hard not to especially here. And they certainly have and knack for making players feel loved here -- an element for years so. So many different analysis. Tend to be something evidently don't deserve. And -- -- and. If it -- that way. -- it is a great job and in this situation come and there was one out and has been running in scoring position with the -- -- relive those so. Other than what they had to -- the situation like that the guys in the game and you know in an awareness -- And is going back and these questions for where we live in the world of money and years of free agency. Can you say that that you know or on the you have with the fans will at least be consideration. And you've got to decide where you're going to play and that any team it's for them. We'll definitely minutes are additional hole -- you know what it represents them. This has a lot of familiarity with me as long as well as closely as well as a fan base and that's been. I'm not saying the last seven years and I don't think -- decision. You know -- -- comes. And all started as a newcomer the our lives -- I don't know really. Can run really does it make you mentally are you looking that thing where do you use them. -- -- left. Good times but. And you don't have to -- -- and you know it's a fine and certain guys are worried about making a mistake to one -- the big power guys with a runner on that four run lead to work with them. -- I -- a little leeway politeness of those. And also kind of just. Hurt me anyway innocence I guess -- -- February distant. Focus as much attention. Important for him. Yeah composed and kind of was -- times I think it was more erratic with -- pitches and fastballs are there sometimes. Really weren't others so.

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