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Giants FanFest Sportscaster 2011 - Gabriela and Matt



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Fri, 18 Feb 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Hello I'm hitter Wofford and welcome to sports -- central will -- today show by heading straight out the Giants band that's. At AT&T park -- are sportscasters. Are standing by. Welcome to sports net -- I'm up and I got -- science has -- from AT&T park the Giants and best 111. Let's take a look back to the giants' huge win over the San Diego Padres and for recap the game we -- to not talking about a Matt thanks -- Flashback to October 3 and the Giants Padres -- the NL west title Giants get on the board first in the third inning with a single by. Second baseman Freddy Sanchez. Next batter Aubrey Huff and it's a deep drive to left center field past the diving Chris Denorfia and into the cap. Scoring Freddie in the Giants tickets you can nothing. Seemed score in the bottom of the eighth inning when rookie of the year Buster Posey hits -- deep drive to left field and gone for a solo shot. Great catch by the gentleman in the front row in the Giants are up three to nothing the crowd can feel the playoff excitement in the air and Giants are ready to close this one out and who better to do it then. -- weeds Brian Wilson strikes out will then doubled and the ball game the Giants win the NL west title. And you know the story they go on to win the 2010. World champion. Back to you got real. Memorable season thank you my feet. That's -- we have -- -- sports net central the Comcast sports net Bay Area and got it out -- -- contest and I'm talking about staying classy San Francisco.

  1. Padres. It's a 32 win and what we saw was we saw the Padres. Yet. These hit that the Giants couldn't get in those who Denorfia single in the seventh into forgotten. Leads off three times the bases one dribble he doesn't score. And it's an old problem

  2. Tougher is I see you had a season high ten strikeouts but that Denorfia Hendry is Three hit a monster for you that they've always ..... you related mining companies. All of a really good coming Denorfia probably. For most disease you can around a little bit so