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Baggarly: 'The Diamondbacks are a little salty towards the Giants and vice versa.'



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Sun, 15 Sep 2013|

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I think you have it speaker John with a single and a home run and Chris setback. I gotta ask you about this team's confidence. Hey you know I think a lot of people are going while the a's went to Arlington and swept the Rangers but I get the feeling you guys aren't surprised by this at all. Is that kind of that confidence that you guys have as the teams would. -- we have a lot of confidence but you're still not. Hunter is making Texas. They're good ballclub and they just haven't kept us some weeks we've we've been pretty -- -- only Minnesota's home that's twelve and the waiver period over here Tommy came into play it's not even knowing you start today it's a coming in and it's an amazing game and give the shots. Two big hits on Thursday for you Chris I think this afternoon that's the fact Holbrooke was great but talk about a single the first inning almost like a protect mode. Hitting behind Coco Crisp drive -- the third best. What's your approach especially like that with a couple struck. It's not a great thing by having cookbook verses. You know you have a guy hold them on and in. They've been playing loose -- thumb so the whole right side of the field is reopened so significant if it's out there of them trying to trying to shoot over their lead but in this case right there was history -- the -- -- -- after the Kemper -- is Kennedy homered in the third and you've faced thirteen president's new week and a half ago you're in the lineup when he pitched well. At the coliseum what did you take from that start a week and a half ago that you used in that this has started your offense defense that mark -- did this without looking for he's he's good at moving the fastball around on these couple coming in the -- ball. And like up and down the -- and try to get something out over the plate. From the defense today. -- -- tomorrow but I think it's -- -- exactly right there it would work that you worked the count and a lot of people say the a's take a lot of pitchers how much is it where. You want to work to -- where you can get a pitch to hit as you did vs scoring a lot of bad pitches as we see a lot of teams do. I think we have a good mixture of both are two guys we have guys that that's when -- -- aggressive early in the counts and we have got to. Kind of wait him out a little bit -- the Sixers don't really know what type approach through -- and the place and now we just try to keep my -- much you can -- Chris. And I haven't played here a lot until this year -- the American League but still what's it like to play in this ballpark -- only hitting wise but also in the outfield because it's it's a fairly big outfield but the ball kinda carries -- -- -- idea to give us your assessment has played in this park it's a great stadium. Carolina. Texas Tech becomes what do you know the fans come on through a lot of support their team and a lot of energy in the stadium but when you division thing you're doing as well even if they're going against -- -- -- to bring their journal and up -- allows you to have fun out there playing the game and it's beautiful stadium. You know -- Mitch at first out of the American League what did you had to do this year Chris because I know your cousin played every day which -- did -- Arizona. How different has it been more you hear of what adjustments that you had today. Just because the way your playing time as it evolved. Too many to name -- want to go to. Definitely around and it takes a lot of it used to I'm used to playing every day in and year and in and out there and in -- and -- the majority of the time -- the thanking the dozens Theres going to be made in. We try to make the best out of us on the season planned well in terms of Parnell -- -- I don't have been a big part of it today a lot of big hits this year Chris thanks for stopping by and I will see us here -- thank you.

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