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7.31: Cliff Pennington Postgame

Tue, 26 Feb 2013|

The A's traded Cliff Pennington looking for an offensive upgrade. He landed in Arizona and sent a shot across his former squad's bow Tuesday.

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  1. 2.24: A's Spring Training -- Cliff Pennington injury update

    Cliff Pennington may beat the a.'s best player on defense he did not play in the ..... s hitting right handed news. Is that no complaints so Will Scott cliff Pennington says without a doubt he will be ready to go win the season begins

  2. 9.5: SEA/OAK Postgame- Glen and Ray wrap with Cliff Pennington

    of the teachers and the question thank separation cliff Pennington are destined. It was nice to see Jimmy get that ..... Just ask him he's played in place else month cliff Pennington is playing shortstop he's doing it both sides of

  3. 8.19: TB/OAK Postgame- Cliff Pennington

    a little off the studio didn't take cliff. great job yesterday great job tonight picture to think that parents cliff Pennington with a two out two run double and a that was really the difference in the game but let's not forget. It is because

  4. 8.26: OAK/BOS postgame -- Cliff Pennington

    Cliff Pennington is standing by downstairs and cliff we got a lot of options to the tonight so you should feel honored we picked you because you

  1. productive still. Still work until you're there and just knocking the rust has been lost some practice. idea how to recognize Pennington continued. And I get to training camp. How frustrating and all that. You know the. Because it's tough we're working

  2. sometimes. You challenged the opposition to see if they can make the perfect play. And of that particular case the relay from to Pennington to Montero was it was fabulous. If you look back get an idea he was would have held them up just to see how that inning would

  3. guys are great jobs that monopoly. Understood situation or can shorten or about who did I see it when Logan was on them. Pennington and just jump into the second and obviously you guys don't have to the series even yet. But this is certainly a nice start

  4. Bochy: 'This is where I wanted to be'


    Fri, 29 Mar 2013

    Everything's so we had to. In some time in spring training just it took to get it done so we could to avoid. You know Pennington during the season and the other thing is you know I think sometimes beauty is we take some things for granted I mean. The

  5. Pennington's blast helps D'backs top A's 9-4


    Tue, 26 Feb 2013

    The A's traded Cliff Pennington looking for an offensive upgrade. He landed in Arizona and sent a shot across his former squad's bow Tuesday.

  6. Pennington surprised after trade to D'backs


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    Many were caught off guard when the A's acquired center fielder Chris Young from the D'backs. Not the least of whom was Cliff Pennington .

  7. A's acquire CF Young from D'backs


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    The A's have acquired veteran centerfielder Chris Young from the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for infielder Cliff Pennington and minor league infielder Yordy Cabrera, the club announced today.

  8. 1-on-1 with A's GM Billy Beane


    Fri, 9 Nov 2012

    solid guys like Coco Crisp and judge most of the younger guys do that but title complete bigger. recently shortstop Cliff Pennington for outfielder Chris Young realistically. You know for guys that can all play that senator position for you next

  9. A's second baseman Cliff Pennington stays positive after a Game 5 loss by looking forward to a competitive season next year.

  10. fairly strong so. That's one thing is stranger in the clubhouse kind of just wreck electing on the season with Cliff Pennington if he made a joke about. You know there's a lot of guys that should be coming back to this team but he made a that

  11. Cliff Pennington on Coco Crisp's drop, the changes in momentum, and hitting the reset button for Game 3.

  12. younger guys the ball. Special that a first then what you've got guys like Johnny Gomes called called for. McCarthy the old Pennington and the guys that have been around on this team you don't have to come through the clock. They take care of that. Now

  13. Pennington talks about his ups and downs this year, talks about the makeup of the team, and says they still have good things to look forward to.

  14. We had three RBIs for Cliff Pennington who is standing by downstairs and cliff. A badly needed win today I don't think there's any doubt about that is anything Schofield

  15. With Cliff Pennington is standing back downstairs and before we talk about tonight's game I'll answer one question about last night. How important

  16. A's second baseman Cliff Pennington talks about the Angels' success and not seeing Brandon McCarthy before he left for the hospital.

  17. sudden you know it can deflate you a little bit so. Scoring early is is always nice especially at home. Best thing about Pennington but. This series I remember. Great plays and threatening them to keep continue to series. How versatile yeah he's a grinder

  18. office and he just let you know she's that is not good news. Made a decision you know decision wasn't invited to that Pennington solace the second base platoon then I guess. And I'm down Tripoli and him be surprised this is. A little surprise a little

  19. Cliff Pennington tells Kate Longworth about the team's resiliency in responding to the Indians' grand slam.

  20. Melvin lauds offensive balance


    Sat, 18 Aug 2012

    d probably have to ask him I haven't talked him since games over which probably have to ask him. Of the it was a for Pennington those two bigger yes. Yeah that's key you know he's a guy we need in it's really had some struggles never forgot it