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3.2: A's OF Coco Crisp arrested

Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

Will the A's bring back Coco Crisp with the club's $7.5 million option? What about pitcher Brett Anderson? Oakland is on the clock.

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  1. Spider-Man pies Coco Crisp after A's 13th walkoff win

    Guys that game winning sacrifice like Coco Crisp who standing back downstairs Coco . This they I look what it's been so it's ..... ideas we'll keep it loose but still we'll get Coco is the sit back but to but just another great

  2. Coco Crisp gets pied by Josh Reddick

    Coco Crisp is getting back downstairs of Coco terrific ballgame congratulations you started to. Great you did it great but we talked about this early in the game. Aware. You guys the players the coaches of how close you are to that 500 mark and

  3. 6.29: OAK/BAL Postgame- Coco Crisp

    Coco Crisp is downstairs great job out of that leadoff spot in debt we talked about how important this road trip this against teams we feel

  4. Ratto: Coco Crisp's catch was key to the game

    the game that you guys already referred to it was the Coco Crisp play at the top of the second because don't forget ..... is vulnerable the game literally swung on that play by Coco Crisp . And it's the reason ultimately why the a's are

  1. Staying or going? A's have decisions to make


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    Will the A's bring back Coco Crisp with the club's $7.5 million option? What about pitcher Brett Anderson? Oakland is on the clock.

  2. Welcome to Gillette for Patriots-Dolphins!


    Sun, 27 Oct 2013

    It's perfect football weather in New England -- in the 50s and crisp -- as the Pats and 'Fins prepare for a key AFC East match.

  3. like is Jersey most people. Might get upset by this but Stanford's future signal caller embraces it Dave Feldman has more on crisp pedigree it's our last high school height. So funny to tell experienced quarterback follow up to high school. to do go

  4. ALCS: Welcome to Fenway Park


    Sat, 19 Oct 2013

    The lights are on at Fenway Park, the air is crisp , and anticipation is high as the Red Sox prepare for a chance to win the 13th American League pennant in franchise history.

  5. Living for for today and to an individual points were going to play well we weren't as crisp and as fast as. As we have been earlier. Sometimes good team can do it to you give them full marks but it game. Power play opportunities

  6. Beane: 'We plan on having Coco back'


    Fri, 11 Oct 2013

    on the field but also what green just the leadership role with Coco crips and obviously. Do you still see his future and the readable ..... Well equipped to wait for an announcement we've planned them Coco back next year. He's such an important part of this close

  7. Well. I give credit to him because he understands himself. And he knows he has pitches were formed and Penn with the and today first games little different. In this game loses arsenal's. It was definitely. Change up or something like Peppers and in this game yet was locating his fastball was well

  8. What does the future hold for Balfour, Crisp , Anderson?


    Fri, 11 Oct 2013

    Grant Balfour is a free agent, and the A's hold options on Coco Crisp and Brett Anderson. Will any of the three be back in in 2014?

  9. Beane: A's to pick up Crisp's 2014 option


    Fri, 11 Oct 2013

    Coco Crisp turned in one of his best career seasons at age 33. According to the GM, he'll be back next year for his fifth campaign in Oakland.

  10. s remain one game away from an ALCS berth after a heartbreaking loss in game number. Or despite another good game Coco Crisp the aides the Tigers by a final eight to six. Jed Lowrie went two for four with a home run and three RBIs Victor Martinez

  11. Obviously I'm pretty tough one for years between them and the good game how are you doing right now Well you know performance in post season does in this area and you when you get a victory. Obviously he's going to be enhanced that right now it is what it is. Did in game. That's that's over we lost

  12. in that was the first hit off me and pitched pretty well that point. I just want to his speech at the disruption that Coco Crisp causes and game. What he means your ballclub and I get you guys are. Yeah he's third nighter there's no doubt about

  13. I just got to go out there plating Damon and hopefully come out with the victory yesterday we didn't today we did. In. Oh see what happens you know going out there giving a 100% of playing. A great team over there so just trying to get that no one Lee in game there. Call it victory reduced to one

  14. Sorry I do a better cramping up there's so much excitement now enough fluids. So I don't know unfortunate. Fortunate loss. Switch goes plenty and faced a pitcher. So it's kind of forget about his best he can come back out tomorrow will love it short term memory him. Is there more forcefully here.

  15. but it was so much experience especially this year when he's what. Power yeah I think everybody you know. Kind of feeds off Coco here not necessary just experienced just how good is. And you know I've set off and we're playing well he's playing well

  16. Melvin: 'I couldn't be prouder'


    Sun, 29 Sep 2013

    spring training. So many personal go statistics for the players and even to the pitch in the offense but if you look at Coco Crisp what he means your club. And also your reaction yesterday when Brandon Moss hit his thirtieth home run here at Safeco

  17. A's lineup: Crisp , Lowrie get finale off


    Sun, 29 Sep 2013

    In the regular season finale, Bob Melvin is giving Coco Crisp and Jed Lowrie the day off. Eric Sogard is starting at shortstop.

  18. practice isn't just competing before the first thing you know. Depth and it felt good felt comfortable and we you know good crisp practice and we do we have excuse you know. Kaiser Kaiser hungry and and things archer. What did you glean from Monday's

  19. second straight season. It's well the process to hit three home runs in yesterday's 117 victory over the twins. really crisp had a free round Sonny gray got his fourth one of the season. As you celebrate the team's division title it's their 25

  20. Actually since your second Palin I don't forty there's an event in the greeting hello. Look around you right now at the moment museum. Years He said. didn't actually yeah see and it. it's. Okay. Yeah. personalities. And I. You know I guess. Fantastic Then again. Already ten and maybe part of that