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10.30: World Series Game 3 Postgame -- Colby Lewis



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Fri, 29 Jul 2011|

Campbell says he fells much more comfortable in his second year with the Raiders.


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A lot comfortable. I don't have to relocate across country in this moment. Your fourth season trying to learn how to this season and I noted. Immigrants same system so that -- that of each game more because you know what you're doing and they got a field together and so. Definitely feel more comfortable -- into a lockout you know go to the world ago so and I was just like I just. In the first -- the news is it. I want to back that year as a starter. What Thomas came in as I first got sick of these this is game day. I was post on the fitness you heard it's like gains during the season -- Business as if it. But the in a way you can luck up in any way it official review -- quarterback. And it being in Atlanta where you're pretty much in charge. You took receivers would you -- you work with a Jacoby that series. Grasp everything it's really -- -- you know very much in charge me. Do you think it -- -- grow as a leader. But they gave us. As an opportunity. You know show leadership. I mean by that is have to do in the zone and an -- now we've. No coaches got to something both a lot of work together you know we have to as a team as us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again the competed. You know hopefully -- give -- -- that your free agency. You know belong here and we'll move forward you know the flip side -- -- -- -- first. -- right. We usually dormant or do you actually feel like. First there. -- -- -- -- -- All. That's pretty much have them beat us this post suggesting mentality. Come out of the forward or play or. Before we got to do day in India or bodies on the sword. Got a short time -- get ready you know this you know anyone's going -- rightly so we've just got to take pride in what we do an annual. Revenue. Colby Lewis in there is. Raiders -- me some money. Probably thousands of -- and the Eagles. You know Louis the end -- you know I was like. You know I thought. -- we -- it got me to -- an opportunity. You can close. And -- is the brother and relationship and as I see these older than you world Brothers. And I won't lose this. -- one in the basement of spare us. There's no you live -- -- you in this league and scouts feel might. In on the road this. Keep those young. Don't do much when you put in the bill ID. And but it was fun those fun enjoy it. Yeah. And I. But yesterday those and so well that would mean but it of the better -- do massive home. It. Very. Appreciate. This idea that a lot of working -- been our. Where they were got together. Definitely I guess in shape yes -- -- -- something and if this the guys keep your body in shape. -- Thank you quite be right now my -- That I know he's got together that if you have been there you go out and compete and you do your team -- right now the bonus. But I guess it goes in this room you know on the other guys in here. -- of achieving good team to molesting. -- it be better. You know again. Those guys and as we have guys coming in here you know -- kind of played both they have a couple of days I think. It gives them chances just didn't know especially young guys rookies that are here now you know about OTA's and mini -- Let him get a chance you know he's reps before they get here and before it seems strange to. Instead -- coming within -- guy's going to take just if you built your team. Feel feel like you're doing on the move guys from coming in as we go and you know you just keep moving forward as I think it's at a school maybe weird thing right now -- pressed about our league. You know got some excellent hands and move forward. -- anything that you create. You know it takes them there and I don't know we -- -- you know -- -- Period you're motivated. It is my parents. The that's certainly not just have fun. Our despair about it got to and his -- For that trying to win at Christmas. And as -- winning games and not enough we'll do they think -- -- like it's a -- you guys at the garden but with the diamond and that put no way and He lost here you feel. I felt loose football grateful. The Sunday what we do and as the north is going to be you know -- from -- top to bottom. You know the main thing that we got -- Back in time and it was on this and everything. Played sport that we all -- and probably number one sport forever ago and I think that's the most important thing and it. They've come together and get something done. We're -- pretty you've ever been coming it was. You know -- you try to come in. You know feeling feeling good about -- a lot of confidence for a fourth of stability standpoint yes. I think if you know probably so. What -- you -- last year when I went back switching on the timing and I come on here and got back in Q. And now. Making ability earned some. When that leniency. I got traded here it was not a -- Go to -- and guys don't see. Something given to you feel like you know work for and I expect us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah presents us on offense last year case were scored some points. Did developing that camaraderie and we hear the bad news Jacoby Ford and those guys held various. Clubs in the period going into the back. It definitely that I think a lot of fame you you -- the same system pretty much. Does it helps quarterback -- receivers to run you have to do more things are on the first day you. These guys in different states that you probably news do you run into office. -- -- -- pretty much basic. It was a mistake to some different things in there I think they've been going. Golf comes off because he's a six year and coach Jackson and. Your games last year office for you guys. Really click. We're kind of went almost all of the game then it's. The next step. This team to be able to to put points on the board on the off days we don't from the ball. It definitely you know definitely I'm a massive. That's definitely a game and really great running game has. -- you know gas chambers who can we do. You want more amorphous. Winning game a Philly. Later on that fifth game of the season last year -- we went through in a room thought you know extra. That sit back and Pittsburgh after the bout we -- Feel like once we got past Miami game to defend you and those things thought about. -- a lot of got to learn each other lists. And laughable thing a lot of new guys a lot of different places it just took some time thanks to you once again you know it. I think Agassi has some talent. For a record we. There goes on as the millions. You think they're -- I was in Washington and a blood thing but. As a policy they've done right and permit one to help us you know improve over the felt last year the team to grow the team get better. These games that -- -- displayed. If I understood it and it is. Is it coming here -- -- played with expanded -- the guys here. Well. Those that go to college -- -- at. Government I'm dream kind of a guessing game a master's. -- Of the playbook is right and I just look and a lot of information. And then once you get to the season.

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