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Krukow: 'Barry Zito is on a roll right now'



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Thu, 12 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Time now. On CSN Bay Area dot com. Good morning everyone I'm Henry what for what your morning minute for Thursday September 12 the game is busted out in a huge way Wednesday at target field in Minnesota they. That's the twins. Eight teams have three and piled up the majority of their runs in the fourth inning putting up ten runs in the frame. They also outside Oakland records would be doubles eleven extra base hits and ten hits and in -- and they're now three games ahead of the Texas Rangers and the American League west. I mean it's fun that's the number one thing but. You know the big thing was we are getting pitches then we were -- nominates contagious when that goes on you know enough receive a great job of piling on we didn't let up. The Giants also had a good night they beat the Rockies 43 on Wednesday. Taking a three game series from Colorado marbles -- RBIs single tied the game. In the eighth and Brandon belt but he's followed with -- RBIs single of his own but the Giants ahead for good in the afternoon. For this Sunday is the bat well. Seattle head over to NBC Bay Area at 5 o'clock then after the got to -- would post game live once CSN Bay Area. Expect any sports Sundays. NBC Bay Area on you know what first and us as being a morning minute. That was the windy this morning minute -- CSN Bay Area dot com.

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