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6.15: A's Manager Bob Geren on Conor Jackson

Sun, 14 Apr 2013|

Buck Showalter didn't seem surprised when he learned the news that Conor Jackson retired on Sunday.

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    Conor Jackson talks about the importance of the win heading into big series' with the Rangers and Mariners.

  2. 7.2: ARI/SFG pregame -- Conor Jackson

    Conor Jackson discusses how the warm weather helps the offense, and how hitting can be very contagious.

  3. 7.25: TAM/OAK pregame -- Conor Jackson

    Conor Jackson says the team has confidence at the plate and that he isn't surprised by the recent success.

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    Conor Jackson talks glowingly about the Cal baseball program and their motivation heading into the CWS.

  1. Showalter sorry to see Jackson go


    Sun, 14 Apr 2013

    Buck Showalter didn't seem surprised when he learned the news that Conor Jackson retired on Sunday.

  2. Conor Jackson retires from Norfolk


    Sun, 14 Apr 2013

    Conor Jackson , who nearly made the Orioles this spring, has abruptly retired.

  3. Pearce vs. Jackson for final spot: Who wins?


    Sat, 30 Mar 2013

    The final question for the Orioles to answer is: who wins the final roster spot? Steve Pearce or Conor Jackson ?

  4. Healthy again, Conor Jackson looks to make Orioles


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    After a long bout with Valley Fever, Conor Jackson is trying to impress the Orioles. So far, he is.

  5. Conor Jackson explains his approach on his game-winning two-run double in the seventh.

  6. 7.25: TAM/OAK postgame -- Bob Melvin


    Tue, 26 Jul 2011

    like to think that's gonna continue. There's been a lot of talk specifically about that say that it seems like Conor Jackson has also been doing swinging the bat. Much better would it be seen specifically from just getting better pitches to

  7. these players were saying Matsui again today with a big home run he's playing David DeJesus on a consistent basic Conor Jackson at first base tomorrow at second base so He started put a lot of together these guys have given very good about themselves

  8. something they had never done in Oakland history. And they go on occurs during 91 windshield Gonzales had a huge game Conor Jackson . Went yard where they Grand Slam the first of his career. You know it's magical solution moments of going into

  9. Conor Jackson claims his grand slam was a surreal moment, and that hopefully the A's can use this series victory as momentum.

  10. 7.4: SEA/OAK postgame -- Bob Melvin


    Mon, 4 Jul 2011

    head out for the fastball and not afraid to throw a slider behind counts. Bob when you came here the one guy you news Conor Jackson started a great double play and he's already played. Four positions for the is who's done pretty well what's

  11. so He deserves it means a great pitcher. But a game today that the a's had a couple mistakes. I don't know why Conor Jackson did score on the double by Sizemore to right field. And for some reason output on the ball by Francisco looked at

  12. 30 A's in 30 Days -- Conor Jackson


    Thu, 23 Jun 2011

    Jackson talks about his hobbies outside of baseball, which include surfing.

  13. 6.22: Morning Minute


    Wed, 22 Jun 2011

    over the Mets extending their winning streak to six games this season high for Oakland's mildly scored. Three times Conor Jackson had two RBIs. Just outing gave the age six strong innings allowing just four hits after the game first baseman Daric

  14. side now because in Colorado He was a pain in my good. And so I'm happy to have him have already told match. And Conor Jackson I managed an Arizona. But I will rely on the on the staff for the familiar intellect I get to know each and every

  15. Bob Geren and his players know they have a tough trip ahead of them. But they say they are ready to take it on, one game at a time.

  16. Conor Jackson , Joey Devine and Gio Gonzlez give their take on the sweeping loss to the Yankees.

  17. 5.20: OAK/SF Postgame -- Bob Geren


    Sat, 21 May 2011

    the got third that He did get that third with two strikes and He battled 45 off. And finally pumped up and you know Conor Jackson hit a super job considering period He smoked ball through the middle where. management to save around that was obviously

  18. 5.2: TEX/OAK postgame -- Bob Geren


    Tue, 3 May 2011

    it's two big loose and monitor the voice. I didn't get here early in the game there are some great plays like Conor Jackson . Two great catches and especially in the camp that probably saved the game that. Well doubt you think about. The

  19. 5.1: TEX/OAK postgame -- Bob Geren


    Sun, 1 May 2011

    hand and looked him right now I see your I'm so. No big deal he's he's he's aren't. Can't talk about Conor Jackson 's impact on the offense has told me to win. Continue to look for ways to get in the lineup the way he's swinging

  20. Jackson admits it felt good hitting his first home run, but he was not happy with the loss.