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5.26: Rosenthal - Giants gunning for Johnson, Uggla?



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Mon, 25 Apr 2011|

Sharks, A's, NFL Draft and more...must be the Morning Minute!


Machine Generated Transcript

Rise and shine -- -- Cozumel or the Comcast sports net studios and quit your morning and it Sunday it was a busy day as usual in the day. Here's how it all went there yeah. The Braves scored three runs in the tenth inning to defeat the Giants 96 Sunday to win marked Atlanta's first series sweep in San Francisco since 1998. Dan Uggla hit a game tying solo homer in the eighth to eventually steadily gained extra innings Brian Wilson. Takes -- lost after going one and two thirds of an inning and allowing three earned run. Now we're playing prejudice or you know it's -- a little bit. Divorced already had confidence intelligence. Horrible considering yeah again as we have lost yeah. Just getting -- and roll and it's. Start remembering how would you put this ball and continue to -- Yeah. Meanwhile the American League beat Oakland a's beat the Seattle mariners' 52 behind Brett Anderson seven strong innings allowing just one run with six strikeouts Coco Crisp. At three hits and scored three runs. Well Josh Willingham contributed three RBI after they went Willingham feel good. I felt fine -- -- -- -- almost things learn. To have -- will really get into a consistent in our groove but. You know -- comes and goes through the course of the season a keynote speaker rallies and found you know it just north Louisiana keep going out there today and is trying to do something to help the team where we're making big. This lady turned to clear get a big hit and display army never know it's gonna happen again baseball has got to draw play hard every day. And the game of life -- my dad you don't want to miss fortunate central tonight. The Sharks -- Los Angeles for game six battle with the kings and we will have complete coverage plus the eighth continue their road trip as they visit the Angels and of course the NBA playoffs continue and we will have all highlights from. From around the league all that much dog more tonight as the fourth at central event.

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    salary anymore can you reflect out of the last six weeks of your life the light leaving Florida all your buddies they are Dan Uggla trying to simulate assimilate and then now being a major part of a team is gonna play for the National League pennant

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    tenth inning to defeat the Giants 96 Sunday to win marked Atlanta's first series sweep in San Francisco since 1998. Dan Uggla hit a game tying solo homer in the eighth to eventually steadily gained extra innings Brian Wilson. Takes lost after

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    Granderson sounds like he may be traded now as part of a a three team deal with the Yankees Tigers and Diamondbacks and Dan Uggla . How big the trades going to be Billy and what are we heard about Adrian Gonzales because I I when I read as the Padres

  1. is a series so that also include live game for our game we lose we lose which are the best. You had it tough collision with Uggla out that you got hit by a pitch yesterday are you OK and it looked like you in Atlanta. We're making friends out there

  2. deserves a better coach to watch that him. As long as he's around they're going to be. We figured we could problems well Uggla is going to be good for a long time. you San Cisco Giants are excited braves' spring training start. Boy am I mean you know

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    that those Brothers and you know let them let them for a there have for each other but do you know put together anyway you know Uggla and clothing the name again. I conclusions Dempster has been and it's very true and as you put pressure ulcers longer could

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    guess. I think. It. Did wrong and so for them and you know like just locker room charges. You know season as but we get Uggla went. Games and well and we were starting Wednesday so that's true it's so. You know he's he looks worth the linemen

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    Mean has been planned for fifteen years it's been playing promises lots of them. Only. Yeah they don't look like can Uggla yeah. I mean he's using his baseball player and you get that sense right he's just he's silent as well. An interest

  6. Uggla and what's it mean. Efforts to seriously he's been resilient in their lives for you haven't. Once yeah. Shots when you

  7. bowling ball sinker is up there for hitters to try to put in play good luck have fun with that. I don't know about the leg Uggla to another show last night chronicle and a 436. GPA. Yet in high school Yeah he's acknowledges his highland spring training

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    presence of a running are tied into that spot. It helps tremendously. Deployed Tom cable would you fullbacks on the field Uggla and got a muffled that's a fullback it's open. Hit the guy would you act properly or early this and exactly bring somebody

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    tired. GO easily high strikeout guy pitch to contact what was like to see more of that from him is that something that's Uggla . Well middle early in middle counselor to see you know when you get two strikes you know for strikeouts climate like China