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9.8: SFG/ARI Postgame- Kruk and Kuip



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Wed, 3 Aug 2011|

Brodie Brazil brings in your BBQ Wednesday with the unsavory results in Bay Area baseball Tuesday.


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What's gone on CSN Bay Area dot com Brodie Brazil -- your morning minute we'll get started just down the street at third in kings and Giants started last night just one game up. On the Diamondbacks that one game lead. He's now gone. 61 final Tim Lincecum made one mistake to rookie Paul Goldschmidt in the fifth. When gold Schmidt hit his first Major League home run that homer gave the just an option out of the homer of the zone in the eighth and Daniel Hudson went eight strong -- when the Giants now tied with the NL laps. This will be a fight it's going to be a tight race. You know and not have them we didn't think it. You know wasn't going to be but it. You know it's. Will be exciting race so we -- these two groups each of the two more times and I'm just openness. You know get some guys going to. Because we're from we're gonna move stagnant now these bats -- We need to get going. Meanwhile in the north last the road woes continuing for the a's they fall of the Mariners 42 last night to Green and gold now just. Eighteen and 37 away from the coliseum king Felix struck out nine in Casper Wells his first home run. As a member of the -- one bright spot for the -- Hideki Matsui went through before He raised his season average to shoot 64. Christmas there's not a gridiron where both -- 49ers and Raiders suffered huge losses in the free agency market on to say tidings Zach Miller who led the Raiders in receptions. Receiving yards and touchdowns last season signing five year 34 million dollar deal. With the Seahawks Adam Bryant Franklin who has anchored the 49ers defensive wind since 2007. Signed a one year deal with the New Orleans Saints. -- this last reminder this after known as our second. Daniel authentic barbecue. After the Giants game want to join us right here at third and Harrison at the CSN studios Pablo Sandoval and and then bout will be along with many more special guests -- we have plenty of food. Free food for -- so come on my 373 street in San Francisco. That's good for the morning minute have a -- everybody we'll see you next time.

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  1. 8.3: Morning Minute: BBQ Wednesday!

    hit his first Major League home run that homer gave the just an option out of the homer of the zone in the eighth and Daniel Hudson went eight strong when the Giants now tied with the NL laps. This will be a fight it's going to be a tight race

  2. 4.15. SFG/ARI postgame -- Kruk and Kuip wrap

    including Brian Wilson so you you talking about well I can go to smoke in the bathroom. Publicist about the first city Daniel Hudson struck out ten the Giants in six innings of work he had great stuff he struck the side the first inning. But they

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    the most graceful I've seen I think he'll he'll make the conversion right. Not quite easily thank you so much for your time and you wanna go ahead and get ready I hit against Daniel Hudson the night welcome to San Francisco Carlos.

  1. together deftly I think most importantly their quarterback is getting. Hope you I don't think he was hoping we do before Hudson . Last few weeks he's next two weeks. We wanted to beat is no. The only thing mills said. That put everything right now

  2. those two. That had the when you're waiting for them and chipped it. Savard who was that the when you're waiting for the Hudson matchup to get there in the yeah yeah I know he he was gonna pitch through it and working out where he was Jason it and I would

  3. had to but to have come Monday night against Peyton Manning is this the perfect opportunity. I'm pretty confident isn't Hudson . Does that help coming off pretty good game on Sunday. valley and at abstraction and that. Yeah you don't always helps

  4. lose an all around team when it's this this season and Hudson most important thanks again they won't want to. Actually go out there isn't a time measurable to set the on. Watch it again

  5. Does he remind you of anybody in particular. You like a Tim Hudson You know as far as his stature in. He throws a little bit harder ..... more of a curve ball guy that I would say just look maybe Tim Hudson time. Yeah stiffened up a little bit so we took him out of

  6. different outlets late from some previous games seem to be in a real group. what time it was a little better today. Feeling here Hudson rhythm on the play and then. I can say it is. intends to do to get rid Knicks finish. Didn't We just need to keep fighting

  7. end in first away. Just has the ball players team and you know like a business you but got a chance it's not. sorry it was Hudson Hanson share them and then. It's very good. Myself and an offensive you don't want to see guys. Get traded away his name

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    Braves pitcher Tim Hudson will undergo season-ending surgery on his broken right ankle after an ugly incident at first base on Wednesday night.

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  15. that is important. You did you have it's. Expect things that I haven't got there I got a mixture here and do. I envision Hudson threw. On the team and underperforming pitcher. You guys think this is great for human. Some. Got and we can you know play

  16. home Well they play great all the was spectacular. Early on it was look like it was going to be. Pitching duel between Tim Hudson and and and Matt then all of a sudden. The office just blew up scored six slot there the fourth inning. And that was interview

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    from my eighth and ninth. and the government approved tonight after yesterday's lot that the eminent. Oh yeah definitely we Hudson is a very it's opposites are you know we knew what was gonna phase and as a veteran he knows how to work in and out of play

  18. It's pretty simple assault say and had given up a lot of home runs congratulations by the way Tim Hudson . Picked up his 200 when it recently off to a terrific start with the Atlanta Braves battling severe injury back injury McCain

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