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4.26: SFG/PIT postgame -- Darren Ford



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Fri, 27 May 2011|

Urban and Steinmetz are back, and send you into the holiday weekend with all their poignent sports observations.


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-- everybody welcomed me who didn't have to match that I met Michael Irvin. Sponsored by appeal. -- in this. Into remote. To feel that Buster Posey. Buster Posey. We -- them happen you guys get out of the way. He's got to get out the way. You look at the wire. At the time and had no choice we're able moment Scott cousins you're. University services -- got 2006 West Coast Conference player of the year brought bonds to their first ever. It's doubly determined appearance that's neither here -- there that's mild moderate. He didn't have a choice you buster caught the ball is the only thing He thought He would. Be able to do to score. And He. Okay let me tell you something. Last year right criticized Matt -- a little bit the Giants fans just. Through vitriol that may well set targets often on the Giants that see -- Giants fans are -- he's very embarrassing record you're very defensive were very critical Giants for him to answers the what do you think she needs fans act in the when He does this Buster Posey. Injury room return to. And they're packed in like they're they they don't. Gotta be a lot of room for successful -- and I used it I don't think we're not collusion rules should be changed. -- -- -- I am well. It -- -- Its fans need to be as good as their team. And right now they're not. Giants fans aren't as good as the Giants. Patriots what are these Giants call ups will stick. I like belt. Yeah but a helpful -- Carl Crawford. And he's 30 am really hands and often. Right and perform. With the Giants could -- Brandon Crawford and -- called. There's one other call up right. -- Darren Ford have to replace and Posey. And stich and and our Christmas -- -- -- big Fella catchers care you don't want to go humorous and chance set distraught target Whiteside Alan Ball on the united athletic -- his -- bat. What today strong. Whiteside -- your point nine pounds and Drew Neitzel they got two little -- back out there. NBA finals you know. You would you do that you get the -- from a non athlete like urban if you say you're gonna catch it. -- Michael to play every week that you play counts. In college. I've focused on one. It like eskimos one. In other words Jack of all trades master none no one championship -- Temples He figured. Keep this year. It. You started for USF men's dons basketball junior I'll bet you bet you. Okay let's get back to the issue at hand you say c'mon. That's right it's who would you go -- -- my Kenyatta college basketball team would go wipe the floor when you sense that we were division. -- hold them. I don't know I don't think Jerry your head Todd Wellemeyer off the I don't -- is built some money there is a big day for assignment. I'm OK with the Miami Heat if they were in the NBA title is definitely why it's totally back. Why why is it like let let's go. The beauty of us that production values that we can and it can go back and flashed back. Please whoever's editing this piece flashback to when He the argument about why -- have a problem without the -- right. The Boston Celtics did virtually everything that the result -- a problem -- it is because. They paid the price they're making the necessary sacrifices. The guys on their team play in the right way they're buying it and know what the end of the day got to tip your hat to them. People just lot of haters out there I was -- I've grown up. Sure a lot like the Giants were early in the 2000. No offense the Sharks. -- Nerves -- what I say about four weeks ago what does that say about the Sharks you sit there and He is now and now no I didn't. Go back to that tape I think I made a prediction that has come true I said the city Brothers. They're good. I know -- the iron and a bonus they got on and nobody asked daily cup finals are. Exactly just -- nature play -- -- either it even. If not an expert sports I'll have more of an expert total any spark notes that it. Here's some may know more about -- that -- I'll hear what he's got that -- -- monitor. -- scary. You land on the comments and we can graph. Paris -- -- well very important you should have a great weekend out there everybody grant holiday weekend. Indy 500 -- with my daughter turns it on Saturday my daughter to -- Saturday He had eleven youngsters. All right well you have a Goodwin and now we'll see you next week.

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  1. often. Right and perform. With the Giants could Brandon Crawford and called. There's one other call up right. Darren Ford have to replace and Posey. And stich and and our Christmas big Fella catchers care you don't want to go humorous

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  5. situations like tonight where. Runner in scoring position. no outs and things can happen in a year and probably. Darren Ford out there who still in this wants. Kind of puts us in the driver's seat for the most part. It. Yeah that is kind

  6. He kept you roster for exactly for situations like this tonight stole second base and ended up scoring the winning run. What's going through your mind in a situation like that it's a thing where you know I know know I know what I got to do it and now. Know when an unknown news online. I'm going

  7. look at it to him ever thrown outstanding games. You know it's nice to get this and I salute. Leaned in quickly and Darren Ford . We saw the roster moves to David here and was captain it seems like he is kept for exactly that situation you don

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  9. Good morning PS very dot com my many doctors at Comcast sports net CEOs of the looking your morning minute for Wednesday and we started off with a world champion. Diet they in the Steel City taking on the as they have forty minute rain delay at this vaccine we'll back. was tied after nine innings

  10. You've got a block and a stolen base and you are right. Really this you know plays anyway I can't help the team knows. That nervousness that. This trying to go butterflies out this and have fun but again. These games your team is putting together some pretty solid offensive. Yeah as a to find a way