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5.2: TEX/OAK postgame -- Hideki Matsui



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Sun, 11 Aug 2013|

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First chance to speak with Alberto Callaspo who had a big hit in this game and he standing by downstairs a -- take a -- to that at bat against Darren Oliver. I'm sure you have faced him before. What was your strategy going in with the game on the line. And I just trying to get our group -- Soviet. And you know. Was two outs and you know finally get a hit. You know the one thing coming over from the Angels the a's acquired you -- the trading deadline outbreak does -- feel to. Contribute Q you played well for the -- but to come up with a big hit. In a situation where you know the Rangers are playing well they have the game blade. All of a sudden you get a chance to do something victory in the club. An -- trying to have that team and you know trying to do my job. Am gonna -- you you know anytime they need me I'm going to be there. And it looked like the pitch that you hit was actually a little bit inside it was like you kind of spun out of a little bit it was a fastball from Oliver. I think that was Carter you know those fans looking something I mean. You know trying to put the ball in play. In -- no way of saying you would Kansas City going to the Angels and now the athletic but with the Angels. We all saw you at third base what's it like even though you have the experience that second to come to a new club and I know you said you play anywhere. But like at second base of course at Donaldson played most if there. You know was playing second -- life in the minors you know and you know I'd be okay you anyway they name me and I -- infuse you know I'm gonna be available for. Upper -- one final question. How strange is it being traded in the middle of the season. And being traded to the team in your division and a team that's kind of what your rivals was that a bit strange for you. Hanging you know it's business you know I think they name me you know I think I came here trying to help the team and I'm glad that my job.

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  1. Callaspo: 'Finally, I get a hit'

    standing by downstairs a take a to that at bat against Darren Oliver . I'm sure you have faced him before. What was your ..... kind of spun out of a little bit it was a fastball from Oliver . I think that was Carter you know those fans looking

  2. 8.8: TEX/OAK Postgame- Coco Crisp

    Well we also to give the biggest hit the game that double in the seventh inning Darren Oliver comes in the game seven pretty good gear and I'd tell us report on Oliver and you. At the ball right down the line. to drive in the run. yeah yeah lucky

  1. fan that is it we didn't feel any any differently. I know throughout the season you know it's a very confidently in the Oliver cheerful and surprised by how things play out today's is just evidence of but the trend line of can you learn from your side

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  5. had a no win. Hit the ball hard lining out a couple of times you get frustrating out one blew the farmland. Happen against Oliver brass are brought in the clubhouse and hopefully this is started some good. And I had a nice day out yesterday against Felix

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  7. it's pretty easy yes. Played well I think they're my freshman and short South Korea in center field past years Santana Oliver . Next into the game if he practices and maybe picked up a thing or two from Some of that that was fun having him out there

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  10. s what happened. It's 11 chance but he was So for basket made it through eleven Sharks put out another in the third and watch this they really kind of buddies turned upside down. locked up Oliver at the Larsson. The fittest but yeah.

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  14. bottom of the first if started on time they had their feet going all night which is good to see. Other big hit five birds on Oliver Pacman Larson. That was the year on the Blue Line that's. Under seven to go in the first Brad Stuart shots today all the

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  17. throughout. Life. Is the fourth grade he and about two hours later he looks like you predicted he was covered an open right source Oliver 's nobody to spread. Hank was really. There is nobody coming to her on the phone with the doctors and everything. And that

  18. gobbled up you know we Eagles had a good game and I have chances. Beautiful chances I want all Phoenix with an opportunity here Oliver Larsen out of the penalty box today. Sure it it makes them yet could play right there. What little bit too fancy they're

  19. TV shall find the Jets is TV show arguing as he interviewed. Oliver at the media day any asked them a number of Joseph questions ..... he said are there any gay do you have any gay teammates think Oliver went on. And he went on and away and we've seen the comments

  20. out. diamond championship game of division and also on the defense was championship two years in a row. They're amazed. Oliver talked about this team the character of these guys were there. This is the great team we starter from day one uses as a family