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Thu, 31 Mar 2011|

Winfield and Sickman join Greg Papa to discuss Budweiser's new program giving back to the troops.


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Had a New York sitting out. Climb aboard the USS intrepid at. And -- New York City we bring in Rodney -- segment -- -- chronicle live debut a true American -- all welcome Rocky and Dave Winfield back to chronicle live -- -- tell me about Budweiser is gears to the heroes. Paul broad program. We'll very quickly Budweiser Dunlop for the military over the years and there. A dozen different programs but this year they had their -- on raising scholarship money. For the dependence of our fallen in disabled heroes. In the military so through Major League Baseball. Every player. And hits a home run this year 400 dollars will be contributed to the matches last year they'll get over 460000. Dollars there. Went on top of that for the sales of Budweiser in June and July a large percentage of that. Will go to the foundation called the folds of honor foundation. Which provides scholarships and made the big estimate another million and a half so. These guys are gonna raise -- provide at least two million dollars to this worthy cause. You gotta support our troops. You have to -- of course you do an Iraqi now works for Anheuser-Busch corporation but I wanna go back to Iraq day called you an American hero back in 1979. You were stationed at the American Embassy in Tehran if I ran it. -- of course the the American hostages were captured you were captured at. For over a year and a half 444. Days of what was that like back then. Well it was said definitely and pound the something that you don't forget -- that I was mentioning Dave earlier I'm you know some of my worst times when my worst. Was you know being stripped nude and put against the yet a wall with three right post in the back of my head. And now it's one of those things that you never thought that you would never make it out of that -- you -- locked in a room for four days. And you were tied to a chair for thirty. I had but eventually it came to an -- and -- I was given a second chance in life I guess you could say. And I was telling David -- thirty years because when I came home. And now I throughout the first pitch who would've ever thought that you know thirty years later. I'd be sitting on the USS intrepid. The director of military shows for Budweiser that does so much for the military for the hall of Famer Dave Winfield so that we can make sure that our men and women. They're currently fighting. And protect and our loss that we can go to the baseball game eat a hot dog drink a Budweiser. People should not forget that because it's freedom is from the luncheon. We a year removed the freedom you have no idea what it's like until you get it back then. I'm gonna do you think we'll probably here because we get a few home runs and won some games and all that. These guys guys like this in the women like this they're the best. Ryan also their families -- I mean their families go through -- burying -- no idea this is this is a way we truly appreciate your support and -- your listeners. No. Viewers a day they're out there that they can not continue to fall Budweiser FaceBook fan page single lap during info -- what is the folds of honor. A great organization -- also watched a homer and not total. And then also make their own contribution we're gonna get two million dollars hopefully at the end of October bed -- bush is saying what everybody. We're a step up to the plate this baseball season and then make a contribution to be wonderful so one on. -- dollars for every home run struck were all hoping everybody has a year -- like Jose Batista had last year with the Toronto Blue Jays came out of nowhere to lead the big leagues but. 54 home runs he's one on just 26 of the history of Major League Baseball they get. Fifty or more here's a guy whose career best before last year was merely sixteen with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 06 out of nowhere he gets 54. Home runs last year and only bowled -- realistically how many home runs and Batista yet this year. I I think he'll hit thirty I think he'll reach thirty but. It's not easy everyone has that spike in their career for a particular year. I think he had his I don't think he'll duplicate that not many people. Duplicate fifty plus home runs but -- I applauded here's a guy that stuck to it. I like to San Francisco Giants talked with a and you you in almost a new overcome all these Elvis adversity he's got a good contract he's a good guy. And he's going to be a mainstay in Toronto for years to go there. It plays for what are your former teams they Toronto Blue Jays I don't wanna go through each division in baseball you are baseball analyst on ESP had to look at your thoughts and each division starting. With the American League. American League east they've added Adrian Gonzales Carl Crawford Dustin Pedroia is back and healthy do you think the Red Sox are the team debated the American League east. What I do I've picked the Red Sox to win the east. I think that the Yankees will come in second and be the wild card being represented the wild card. -- American League central the Chicago White Sox ahead of the big boy Adam Dunn Minnesota's they -- Detroit's their bodies say the weather -- truck. I don't like the White Sox slightly more than Minnesota. Detroit's going to be good but I think Minnesota they they're consistent all the time they don't waiver was Chicago's Alou did better at this point. American League west Texas won it last year when all the way to the World Series they lost Vladimir Guerrero ahead of Adrian Beltre Sports Illustrated is -- the Oakland days to overtake them in the -- -- win the west over the Rangers -- your game. We'll well all Oakland's and being tough -- I don't think they don't have that they don't have enough anymore they just don't hit enough they got some great young pitchers. Joe Gonzales in. Okay go -- And these guys say they're gonna make a contribution but Texas is still a little bit tougher they didn't keep -- lead. -- lead didn't really add that much to their staff during the course of the year in the playoffs texas' school and repeat. Excellently has gone back to the Philadelphia Phillies in back to the National League S studies they have all this division do you see the Phillies besting the Braves again and winning the east -- Do I do they have four aces you know when you have you played. You play poker you go for aces that you have a very good -- yeah. And so -- Halladay and Hamels Moulds Walton. And Lee. They're going to be very good they're getting a little -- -- and around the edges. The second baseman is going to be out -- is gonna hurt them tremendously but Philadelphia will win that division. And Chase Utley will begin the year on the disabled list we go to the National League central another -- Rocky and here you were working for Anheuser-Busch based in Saint Louis are probably thinking the Cardinals are gonna win the central Iraqi. Absolutely. As long as Albers gave you may have its day in there this year yeah. -- they -- -- Albert from a long policy gonna stay -- say this the final year of his contract inning melee but. Gotta start I think they're they're gonna -- part of the proceeds of the arts professor felt that it took and flicked out and I he has he has to stay he's the man. I know is gotta get the best contract and are gonna fight about it publicly I think you'll find a way to keep. You know what last week in spring training -- was hitting a lot of home runs so I think he's going to be perfect for this Budweiser program. Oh yeah -- Alberts on regular contributor about. Well 4500 dollars I guess -- And we. Did you tell more we had did this morning with your 460. I think the real quick guys that I know you have one more division but. They told me and I appreciate appreciate the heck out of -- 465. Home runs in my career they're really give a hundred dollars for home run and my name. -- folds of honor. Foundations that's 46500. These guys and these guys are great I appreciate him a great deal. Boettcher mend this are you broke him the San Diego Padres we know you're still working with the Padres an -- executive vice president. Let's go to the National League west now Adrian Gonzales the Padres curiously traded at. None of the Boston Red Sox in the offseason they upon and that at the very end out of the final weekend of I think most people see it as the Giants vs the Rockies in a two team race in the National League west -- do you see it that way just Rockies or Giants. And I won't quite be that easy remember the -- snuck him in the last day. On the season. And the Padres feel -- they can still compete and although the loose so much offense you majoring in dollars and so much leadership. They've improved at second base they upgraded to Orlando Hudson. You go to shortstop. He came from Tampa I'll come back to Jason Bartlett -- day improvement center field camera. Did his apartment and Cameron Maybin in center field taking over for Tony Gwynn junior so they've upgraded three of four positions pitching staff is young and still good. They still have manager of the year. And having said all of that. San Francisco's got a battle on their hands with him but Colorado. Everyone's good look at if they start fast it's all over. Because they they just don't know how to get out of the shoot if they do get out of this too. You gotta look out for Colorado. And I have a very favorable early season schedule compared to the Giants have to play so many road games to open and they have arguably the two best position players in all of baseball in. In Troy Tulowitzki the great shortstop the next Carlos Gonzales a five tool channeling the great. Dave Winfield day thanks for coming back to a sun chronicle live and Rocky what a great story we thank you for your time the night. Thanks for his war. --

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