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David Aardsma

  1. Yeah. This terrific shot there. Don't come for the touchdown quickly and just in football Aardsma and doing your job just laughable. Your Mean was it more. Physical thing of the past not my decision. It was OK to throw the

  2. t surprise me here and see it coming. Is to really it starts against. His career really it's why. While some things Aardsma and I can't say why area. Every starts a little bit different and tonight he was on top of his game and when he is very

  3. with a meaningless so about we we just okay. We're just him with a terrible weather no circumstance you can't just off Aardsma . So we knew we had to deep as ever hold office we moved Colorado. What is just a matter of time so. Passed so thank god

  4. 6.12: Lincecum after the shut-out


    Sat, 13 Jun 2009

    you know this gives some work off of him. young men on their desire was actually being compared to you that. That was drawn Aardsma . An inning getting there and I know you say the wind is not scoreless inning streak I'm not sure if they thought you were