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7.7: OAK/TEX postgame -- Ray Fosse and Glen Kuiper



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Mon, 5 Aug 2013|

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Time now. He has in the area dot com yeah. Good morning everyone Henry -- hear what your morning minute from the Comcast sports -- -- to help -- get right to a with the World Series champions DL almost also made his first start for the Giants. As they wrapped up their series and Tampa Bay the rays get the victory boarded three. Will Myers since the all star break does it -- for seventeen -- five homers. And fifteen runs not Dan most also allowed four hits three earned runs and a home run overboard and two thirds innings. Buster Posey went two for four with an RBI hit his third double of the season. The Giants all the three and eight in interleague play this year the Oakland a's dropped the series to the Rangers on Sunday at Texas gets the victory. Order now and Oakland was shut out for the ninth time this year has Derek Holland struck out ten batters over eight scoreless innings. The a's had just five hits and went oh and six were runners in scoring position. After this series Texas since two and a half games behind Oakland the green and gold have gone one and for the last five games. Oakland has the day off today and looks to get back but every Tuesday when they take on the reds. -- -- the ball hard is not falling issues. It's almost like in the loss is just unfortunate. But you know keep going out there and staying within ourselves and we're going to be job and keep on keep on them. Don't forget the Giants hoping the Brewers today at 7 o'clock three short a tune into Giants pregame live starting at 630. Post game live to follow the game watch at all only on Comcast sports net. Bay Area I enjoy your day. That was to -- -- forty -- -- CSN Bay Area dot com.

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  1. 5.12: OAK/TEX Postgame- Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse

    for planes and season. Six shutout innings against the for Holland . You know all the way he was pitching that you hit and ended ..... side out your exactly right but Doug about that moment but Derek Holland . Good fastball for the young lefty making his 2010 debut

  2. Giants, Rays in another close one; A's-Rangers rubber match

    the Rangers on Sunday at Texas gets the victory. Order now and Oakland was shut out for the ninth time this year has Derek Holland struck out ten batters over eight scoreless innings. The a's had just five hits and went oh and six were runners

  3. 8.4: Look ahead to tonight's Giants-A's

    continued Gonzales on the mound Gonzalez fits well in his last start against Boston. Texas starts prized young I'm Derek Holland against Oakland now for continuing coverage and breaking news blog on the CS and Bay Area.

  1. to keep going keep on this and. We've heard nobody would have a feeling crappy album period let. because has helped you Holland sort of come together. Never really thought about that. This we would I would rather have Crabtree. You know rather You

  2. everything about it. I mean four inches drag him three or four inches I think it was from hunter in nearly catch that car. Holland . Unbelievable effort on his son has never pleased at how. And not really sure though if he is too disappointed because if

  3. example of that today. Oh we do away 49ers super fan took his loyalty to a whole new level I'd check out this haircut he got Holland Catholic faith. Shaved into the back left side of his head and then Candlestick Park hot down into the lower right hand corner

  4. hard this offseason and actually since he's you know he's. He's he's been dedicated to his craft and definitely in Holland and honest as you can if he sees as best progression of being called defense they got this off season yet the secondary stuff

  5. 49ers place McBath on IR, claim Holland off waivers


    Thu, 22 Aug 2013

    Darcel McBath appeared in all 19 games for the 49ers last season, but a left foot injury has derailed his 2013 campaign.

  6. were in Beantown. You guys have been hit hard with injuries and my fingers from an Which spots on the front on the O line. Holland and basically that's kind of to prepare for anything else that might happen and make sure that you guys can play those spots

  7. there last week your offense seems like it's been enough fun for quite awhile now how much of that was going on today vs what Holland was him. little bowl I mean honed just well. Really well play the best we've seen him pitch in a while and had a good zone

  8. The air guitar championships


    Sat, 3 Aug 2013

    it's a good the whole look at. That's all part of it right it's not just play air guitar and our except I wanna go to Holland take to be good it's well I mean it can take one minute or 37 years. 37 years is that it's taken real it has taken their

  9. Holland . He could play you move forward because he didn't. a lot about out there yeah we'll do you have any who played with him if

  10. ranks this of one on one here in New York are very on Marco Scutaro and I can't believe that this is your first. Also Game Holland and Scotland for you are able to wrap your head around like you're experiencing right now. Of and it was running at that

  11. they don't turn this around by the 26 27 I think this could If Roloson playing he's a main piece if he isn't playing Holland before Lincecum get into the discussion for other teams at this point at the time I'm not sure. You know out outside of

  12. Farrell 'encouraged' by Middlebrooks; Hot Carp sits


    Thu, 6 Jun 2013

    Will Middlebrooks hit a home run last night for the PawSox, which is an 'encouraging' sign for the third baseman. Also, Mike Carp will sit with lefty Derek Holland on the mound.

  13. which round go a nice assist to Peter Mitchell. Whose lives this morning and marriage out there. Great job answering it Hague Holland crosses over to Chris Hill who does is it past the keeper with well we're in Catholic leading 76. At the end of the half

  14. the same. Get two guys and block them so. My my my role on the team was was kind of thing. And what you've seen out of Holland just his work ethic is it's exciting for everybody. His stories about last year how hard And he's here he's here working

  15. McLellan: 'They came through'


    Sun, 19 May 2013

    us. We thought we let one get away in LA. So we have to come back and We've done and our building. I think it was Kenny Holland told us we're in Detroit you're never really really in trouble until you lose your first game at home so for us. It

  16. terrible. Plan is simple they outplayed us as a team but then division and have anything it and those. Steps to move so we're Holland Germany plays. New offense they Lawson who focus. Percy got to be better. Take this no big games in baggage he's gonna

  17. A's lineup: Taylor in for Moss in right


    Tue, 14 May 2013

    Facing Rangers left-handed pitcher Derek Holland , A's manger Bob Melvin is tagging Michael Taylor with the start in right field.

  18. break. That's kind of what other that know me as far as what you Ravens. Yeah important the Can keep it. Made that for Holland monitoring data I want this special thing here now I think that's just generally and you know he goes with it isn't so

  19. Ducks drop struggling Sharks


    Tue, 19 Mar 2013

    all right nine minutes left in the second. And dunks on the break out Bobby Wyatt and you totally out of zigzag go to Peter Holland . 21 ducks. 34 seconds later former Daniel it's gonna live Emerson it was gonna heat up his first NHL golf. And that

  20. not the and her that deal McGrady right air up all over it or let. In the upper half would trying to keep them being born Holland on the corner lot and honor get there and I hit the crap art. And that hurt. Second half and on the corner well are within