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Mon, 7 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

He looked a little bit of my ankle injury list I went back. So good you know. -- -- They landed on the knows how to -- kind of awkward. You know I'm happy that got -- destiny it was to get back in new finish to game. Very familiar with the Bulls -- game. We we as a team we looked into them. I would imitate him. It is that that in game smash mouth full well when they do you know moloch. They wouldn't wouldn't -- the -- kind of run with cap. No we get to -- it's although when. And home. You know on that night. -- Lamar did a great you know and not delegate to you to test and they. My best front we went to a home all you so far in Dynamo and I. Known they stood up and in the -- I've done. It. Yeah. We just -- on it and just prayerful Gordon give positive just football for. Us. This if you let it out there. Or past games right there I don't. I'll listen to them. You know. I've been blessed. This could be used and I use you know when I first got drafted. My advice of that -- -- them all over it. A team guy to -- that help my team and then. I'll does that motivate me to motivate me. And even and I didn't have a -- known you look at him. You'll see why he's known what they've -- going right but. On longer blows small things we get the winner and I know -- did some help the team win in five. -- That was really. It always is honestly you get a win streak. We can't think of us now you know nothing about self 91 did -- week at a time and you know it is thought there. And on display hardened you know tiger to win you know the camera bus down. It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- you know anybody know coming into the season in my own I want the best of the Nolan no I'm not want to get going is hardest on me. And you know -- plan. You know. So -- you know legacy. You know we the first game in Iowa there's some -- gotten in on me of all the protests and I had to get that it. In public most of the split of what town only about their dorms all the small things and no I'm K okay. You know I -- if that does not Derrek Lee what -- -- you know I can't not -- that. Have them have we've got to win with one -- you know and also considers the team who. Look good team you know home. After that is the one last week and we knew that of the command would typically sold. And then we got the job done. It's tough tough but yeah. It's tough it was tough. Don't think they get scared -- -- -- We came -- -- Saint Louis and Houston. And that's that's tough schedule let know we have four we've 49ers in whom we -- -- -- them do. And he knows that he -- to keep going keep keep getting better each week he got a presence and you know look into that we won't. Yeah. Yeah do you do you really want the running back I guess when the line and -- the rest and it's. -- I expect government does know Kendall on a tough player no. On the market and a good player as he did in the group there. And into LaMarcus you have to you know I know he would agree -- it as Watson cars. But as far noses compete in and know that we can't when I don't feel -- amendment to pull one out. He's -- times. We look at that -- BC's Betsy Aaron folks you know two months some peace. We told them now house you wanna that my performance tonight and you know when Adam -- -- pretty great -- all all passed the great tonight. You know -- a team. In LA it ain't about no one. In like I say you know Patten great zone group we do miss -- but we don't -- -- it together industry hottest team. And no we don't want to last the last couple weeks though we've been doing in home as well -- take.

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