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7.20: LAD/SFG postgame -- Tim Lincecum

Sat, 5 Oct 2013|

Welington Castillo and Dioner Navarro proved to be one of the best backstop pairings in baseball, but rumors still float around indicating the Cubs could be looking to upgrade at the catcher position.

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  1. wrong by those standards and that Patrick is sentence or is Navarro and they were. Your that they're there high level today ..... relatives from the midwest in the south and and he's came over Navarro is. Mom was here also missed here I was that was Nancy. So

  2. middle the 49ers defense tidy up the center not allow. The Titans he got to the second level and block Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman. The 49ers defense should be able to do a good job on Chris Johnson and and set up those third down passing plays and

  3. I welcome to our chat on the ball ball and on the at Navarro . Eric we've picked off his third pass of the season he's got more picks than anyone on your team right now but during that

  4. Patrick Willis. Causing the turnover Eric Reed recovered the fumble. That was that was outstanding. or caused a fumble and Navarro Bowman was able to recover than Eric Reed. Got an interception force. Carlos Rogers got an interception coroner get a sack

  5. Willis is spot. Michael will quite stepped up and played very well mostly saw a lot of action in the offseason program because Navarro Bowman did not take part in the offseason program. Therefore will play got a lot of action alongside Patrick Willis will plate

  6. I joined on the of our body Navarro we all pros playing maybe as well as ..... back get a so but I mean I love my man Navarro Bowman is unique it's different in ..... you can change and into would be like Navarro knocked your butt out there because

  7. To me it's. Yeah. We're our finds an accident bases when you know we start this season you know that's a good. The coaches want you know decides to give back to the basics you know no star this season right disposed. Prepare aware and things. You know today man. All you know I'm missing guys on

  8. State of the Cubs: Catcher


    Sat, 5 Oct 2013

    Welington Castillo and Dioner Navarro proved to be one of the best backstop pairings in baseball, but rumors still float around indicating the Cubs could be looking to upgrade at the catcher position.

  9. Joined by Navarro Bowman you've had some time off after the game against Saint Louis almost a ten day break till the next game like a mini bye

  10. Jim Harbaugh but they've vanquish those memories beating the Rams. 35 to eleven Frank 153 yards rushing and a touchdown Navarro Bowman was terrific couple sacks a forced fumble and the niners are now two and still. And very much back on track. I thought

  11. s up there essentially equal across as well. I was stated our entire defense by the media you know in the jug machine. Navarro dropped one I dropped one to Ralph Brown actually traveling and his allies we got a few turnovers but we can give them. One

  12. All pro linebackers. The one all pro linebacker who did play it was Navarro Bowman and he really picked up the slack for that defense the 49ers ..... involved in the pass rush. Blitzing several times in getting to set so Navarro Bowman.

  13. t him. Not my Sam Bradford twice as key it is outside linebackers back there and also saw the pressure Fran met you know Navarro and now. I think gone we just did a pretty good job overall with the pressure on you know the blitz calls and you know this

  14. had the great. Comcast sports at California Thursday after forty niners were. Let's get our weekly visit with linebacker Navarro Bowman and man you're pattern I'll be geared up ready to go. Physical game against Seattle a couple of weeks ago did it

  15. I'm for our weekly segment on the web number 53 himself Navarro tomorrow we'll start with this one word to describe the mood. At 49ers park this week. Quiet. Very you could give me this

  16. 49ers-Seahawks matchups to watch


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    the point because the Seattle Seahawks are gonna wanna run Marshawn Lynch and he asked to do a good job so that guys like. Navarro Bowman and Patrick Willis behind him can run and make plays. our shot lanes and limit him to under a hundred yards to execute

  17. the weeks go if we could see him doing the things that we know how to do. There will be the most talked about and you. I Navarro I know it's only week two but there's a huge NFC west divisional game how much you guys think it's a possible playoff

  18. Hi John for a bone knows segment we're joined by we all pro linebacker Navarro Bowman tomorrow last week and your parents coming into you talked an artist. Out of quitting the competition. What was behind

  19. Aaron Rogers he's the ultimate gunslinger he was dealing you feel like you feared ultimately prevail what is your assessment. You know you can always do better you know we got the window though the main thing when opener you know whether it's game. on it too hard schedule and lead everyone to get

  20. re great job we got a very good bettors some Bears get tackled better. Putter sure he he blogs out there and great place Navarro Bowman. Third down to get us off the field. Lot of lot of course. The game. Yeah. He's aggression. I was home. Brought