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What's Trending? Dwight Howard's latest hissy fit



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Wed, 16 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

You know -- -- -- go to California when a huge dodger fans are so we're going on down there because they had. It's kind of something going in their favor and they're not they don't -- they don't want you explain what. Talk about okay so we all thought the man who Don the Dodgers rallied very confident iPod do you think Louis cardinal dugout in game three of the NLCS the odds using night. Our Monday -- I'm sorry and -- and an all his glory he -- that ban them from Dodger Stadium for six months for this act. Did some things -- -- -- the -- His name is mark monasteries fifty years old that he says he pulled -- -- to promote the idea of the Dodgers getting a mascot. Get out Scott will be the first one to writers and it kind of our that's ordinary yes that's secondly look like he wouldn't -- us open. I think -- of the guys if they're all out bingo state what your strengths are just where would we waved a towel around a little bit yeah and. -- -- -- -- I just don't be so uptight and the guys out there having fun I know he's trying to make a name for himself but come on he's just haven't but that the Lakers -- the formula too young for this facility but they had dancing -- just looked I don't. -- up and down the -- and everyone got involved in that come on Dodgers Clifford -- Right out there right did you go to the other side Clippers that's right yeah you're more well versed in Miami. Speaking of basketball it's a good transition -- you talk about the Clippers and -- whoever. I -- Dwight Howard he's a bit of a knucklehead but now he's angry for some other -- what is -- so angry about that. Doing Howard as upset again I mean this guy have. Yeah sure why a lot of -- he's he's making a name for himself but not a good way this time it's because the Orlando Magic. It didn't retire his number essentially are allowing a lawyer isn't wearing number twelve I think he really -- -- -- to deserve to get his number retired. But anyway he spent eight seasons with Orlando and it Tobias Harris will Wear number twelve where -- -- about it now Dwight Howard is not happy about it. But he doesn't know is that he's wearing an honor our friend you have to wait leukemia at such. He -- old school some your -- ruptured my backup or you want because of back and resentment good for Harris. Right good for everyone in Orlando has the old -- jerseys and they put a piece of tape across his name and put hairs on the back yeah great idea on the out I. And it wife and I like I used to work when you think you might enter your -- is a great guy I ever saw any of this coming with. No I and I grieve shouldn't have his number retired by the magic to a bad Dwight Howard. Good -- good.

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