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10.9: OAK/HOU postgame -- Darrius Heyward-Bey



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Sun, 9 Oct 2011|

The Raiders' WR talks about his big game and his team's emotions after winning a game for late owner Al Davis.


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-- serious euphoria of taking its just an emotional 24 hours for the silver and black take us through the last 24 hours and it lane -- on the line this game to them. You know -- shocked everybody. We had a job to do and obligated to wait out coach Doug Davis wants to do is go out and win. And of course mr. Davis had all the faith in youth. -- -- this game personally I mean for you and going out there playing part of your life. For the last three years this is meant everything since day -- showed -- -- every game I want to. But their man and done this organization and had to go out there today and knock it down when you to death is definitely he's not. And we've certainly -- you come into your own describe your comfort level out there this season has really changed your season and taking. It's just been out there. Economic trade of put all season gonna form the last two years he's going out there and play. We're gonna get to some -- time now that touchdown and that scoring drive incredible you helping the team find the end of take me -- that drive. -- with that 35 years. It was this you know we saw Little League pitching and defense and Jayson -- ball and knowing that I scouts made a play. Just made a play and Andre. And. Just feet away from here is the locker room and wow what an emotional march for the team as you guys -- -- -- can see the emotion in your eyes heavy hearts today. -- put into words what's going on right now with the. Incredible on me and that the man out Davidson's system based He loved the -- and talk to muzzle He wanted us to win. This does is amazing how He just cared about so much. I have -- congratulations on the victory today an outstanding play that we really pitching taking the time and now go with your team I know it's very important -- to be with them today thank you thank you.

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  17. Did that in that in the off season mean no not really. There's A phase that I can. You know past the point where it. you know I'll get excited about catching passes. Getting yards and it's fine believe it's look. And let it. And you can do it and he knows it. Are you doing it in my reason these

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