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Fister: 'I grew up a Giants fan'



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Tue, 8 Oct 2013|

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Seeking out tomorrow's game courts are -- drive ahead against freely and presumably. Doug Fister for the Tigers -- talk more about that momentarily but first let's hear. From the -- is a rookie technically still a rookie this season set to make his first ever playoff start date for TV situation. Good things out when you keep the ball down and it's just kind of basic baseball stuff. And I -- only the day first -- playing tonight myself very jacked up and then after that. He's got to find a way to keep pitching and utility and -- -- -- the whole game of the game adjustments and in game adjustments or -- you win or lose ball games. And so. There really you know. I feel like him and not so much adjustments with his stick to what we've been doing and that is since you -- in. Well cut here we are game for it until a week ago we would have assumed it would BJ Griffin in this situation but -- it'll be dance trailing who has been a very feast or famine kind of guy throughout the season when he's good. He's very good in the -- certainly hope he's very good tomorrow well you know what we're gonna find well a lot about cancer he he's he's. Very talented young man he's going to have to work very hard to control his emotions about do you think that there what's on the line tomorrow you're coming to the a's have a chance. To go to the American League Championship Series. The Tigers are saying this we cannot lose we lose we're done. Hitting today so there's a lot of things going on the -- really has to do his absolute best to just tried as you guys it. Slow it down as best he can't I think that may be his biggest challenge tomorrow. Maybe even bigger challenge than just the lineup of the Tigers -- going to be hard for him to Duke is young man yeah I think so I think that if he hasn't prepared is going to be tough. But it he has prepared and maybe he can get out there and relax and as we -- -- pass at first getting past that first inning because that. Have a lot of -- a lot of butterflies and the crowd's gonna be loud so he hasn't really blocked about -- tunnel vision look at his catcher and then try to execute as best -- -- -- I don't know how I see a -- I had chills and a little fear I'm a little worried about -- straight week I just don't see that look in his and -- -- and I heard and heard from. Parker or not I'm not. That they're there rely on Sunday great you know stress really and Parker were here before -- and -- I heard -- Sonny gray told me. Well straight you -- a strike out keen. When the baddest that's in your league. Take your stuff to the field and polls show will on other -- don't worry about what Sonny gray did go out there and do your best wide 345 starters normally don't pitch in -- playoff because they haven't defined who they are. You want somebody that you know who did you with a gap.

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