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Drew Stubbs

Angel Pagan details his game-winning blast



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Thu, 26 Apr 2012|

"I put a good swing on it, and got 'em"


Machine Generated Transcript

Thanks guys and then we have Angels we got to on the field Angels did you just -- left. Cubs under passes so how will improve songs. Felt miracle water myself the only time I was an inspection of the they talk about the the -- bat in the ninth inning. Well -- in -- -- is a guy you know is very tough community can you can get to big against him you know. Flies very successful on Manning threw for like last night his took me out with a horrible salami and almost where they was gonna throw back again and you know I just put it this morning on. Feel this look like use -- pretty good data if you get enough club it was -- go to there Amanda's I start to. I mean you obviously don't know it's not a normal amount to sort of make some solid contact -- my team. And that's where did you know just to -- to a strike a -- Lows -- just for the one play left him playing center field that didn't you don't notice that there was more carries to fly balls definitely -- enough ball bruises here. Coming out I didn't think it was going to lose we was gonna go look for just to carry out such try to get a but it was. Those are there. Here you go into this game you're three and three on the road after -- for a New York is a big win. Definitely I mean I think tough tough to -- and your industry you know under and common readers -- know the last game I think there's a pretty good road trip but we're gonna go back home. Definitely happy flight now I'm just. Go back home and take care of business. Well and no surprise that sits dead New York sort of gets your swing bad did you feel like you're pretty solid how you feel that the play drawn up -- are just such as when there -- just to get my job done you know try to help my teammates you know wouldn't win some ball games since. Primary coverage through -- through the mess up -- -- New York so hopefully -- just Charles -- just getting consistent in the lineup and just getting numbers were. For my teammates still uneasy -- if I got -- straight. You're the guy in charge of happy flights definitely never know yeah. Nice job today as regular months Angels -- -- they're clearly the due to the game he hits a three run Norman not just to tie the game. But to give the Giants a lead and then my goodness how much does on geography as soon as well that's it. Pretty impressive save you Cubs and their -- at the top of the rest latter but you know they're confident here and and then Zach goes Hardenne then Drew Stubbs and ended joy but on the days they are great series with the bat so he goes in their stuff some three strikeout performance. And I mean that that was electricity. The Giants finally lifted the mode -- -- get out of here since June 2010 and -- they won this game. Which had been able to do since that time that day here in Cincinnati so it does short the Plano. I don't use. The sisters and Marty Brennaman regrettable thing.