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San Ramon Valley girls close undefeated season with NCS title



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Mon, 4 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

We're at the conversion -- creek where you can try the Baltic sandwiched just one of dozens of sandwiches with the barbecued flavor. You can only -- action. And yet there are the newly crowned NTS champs the San Ramon valley -- congratulations. After on this team -- will be going to UCLA next year congratulations on that. Tell me what it was like for this team going through the season playing some very tough teams and ending up undefeated. It is so exciting ending for all of us because our goal in the and the knowledge to an -- championship and the whole season has really really focused on I think that's helped us. Stay undefeated all season because -- just trained really hard and we really that concerned and. We've seen from past years that you've played a rivalry team this year. The amount of us the -- your rival and you're able to beat him in the champs of game but it hasn't always been that way a lot of times. The undefeated team gets upset in the final game what did you guys -- to make sure that it happens. I think he just won it way more this year after -- to them last year just. A lot of revenge in that final game. This is -- -- and other senior captain on the team and you're going to count -- sure a lot of division one girl's. On this team a lot of pressure with the expectations on this team this year. No because is not really because they're all just so close in the caller really good friends and not so much pressure -- fun. Very -- right here with me is Alexa vanden batter who is the Eastern League most valuable player congratulations on that had talked about the camaraderie on this team a lot of it comes from the top. With your head coach. Yeah my head so let's do this team not everything. And tell me about what it was like for you play with a with these girls the past couple years. It has been so fun and I school's season on and this team is just. The lesson here I love volleys throws so much and it. Play against one of us I know you know a lot of those girls club in and around the area does that make him a lot of hugs on both sides after the game. That make you -- extra special for you guys have relationship. Yet -- -- special. More competitive two of them and discuss it that rivals sense that you know sucking -- Is not a I'm Perry did to San Ramon valley wolves in CS champs ladies take us out with the cheers.