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Edgar Renteria

6.9: Chronicle Live -- Edgar Renteria

Thu, 21 Mar 2013|

After a 16-year career that included two World Series-winning hits, Edgar Renteria has announced his retirement from baseball.

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    It's really pretty sad the way they Edgar Renteria saga with the Giants. Came to a close if you would have not had one bad day talking to a reporter. The day that he characterized

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    GIANTS 4, WASHINGTON 2, FINAL Edgar Renteria was 2 for 3 with an RBI before injuring a hamstring after a sacrifice bunt attempt in the 7th inning.

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  5. Report: World Series hero Edgar Renteria retires


    Thu, 21 Mar 2013

    After a 16-year career that included two World Series-winning hits, Edgar Renteria has announced his retirement from baseball.

  6. ring size and all along he did clinic hammering maybe not out with a big public ceremony like they did for one your Or Edgar Renteria but you know parcel post or in person he's gonna get his Everywhere Wear that thing around all those guys and and

  7. little different you don't ten. We defended eleven we have lost buster everyday he had different key guys you know that renteria . Then left the team we kind of had a hold right now we're having a similar lineup young let them. It's the starting five

  8. see when you guys skated you know. Saw me maybe a little bit but it but it wasn't. Wouldn't like it was necessary. for renteria right you're very familiar obviously with Saint Louis having played with a talk a little bit about going back to Saint Louis

  9. scooter row at second base weren't what they You and Aubrey Huff at first base yet Freddy Sanchez's short he had Edgar Renteria grad Freddy Sanchez at second and to short we we've been fixating on that in a giant position players on the offensive

  10. Your offense right now got to go. You know we're swinging the bats pretty good you know I think out of that inning that renteria to start us off we're down borderline. I leadoff man on in you know to train just been role and we we seem to find a way

  11. believe. Come you know had your first few months now I think upright get a in the season aren't they're all Smart physical renteria on the lineup that has beat us and it makes Do you management. Are you not. I don't know. We'll see. I don't know

  12. and games on the road. And that has had to say it brain wants to go and act seemed to long interview on his. He gets he any negative Burress is totally messing with you unbelievable no. I don't junior program can do I think renteria .

  13. runs. It was pretty with a big two. Two run triple or to the game what they were down one nothing do you believe that that. Renteria just seems to be a couple of huge redux that at all two strikeouts to with RBIs attached to a they're playing good baseball

  14. All right thanks Greg in dipped in we get renteria had done on the field and the right first before we talk about doing your performance in the series which was terrific. Talk a

  15. clay thinks this through the series. Through that he would. It the news when he was truth. I mean it's has played you we Renteria actually he handled the whole thing copy machine say yeah. Yes I think he was just and it could have went either way and that

  16. some backups on the field there so some guys that you know don't need to be necessarily any any person terrific spring. Renteria might fun knowing that we have guys that could that can step in at second base second base is related number one position

  17. know anything can happen and sure enough it happened I mean according when you know crazy you know via. Did home runs out renteria hit and you know were just let him Mazen team effort that they put into which awesome to watch. He's staying here entire

  18. that did it in. Yeah I think everyone was waiting for that threw who's gonna hit the three run homer off Cliff Lee hit at renteria hit. just keep it just keep the pace is going just keep the batters around that's fine and chances made kind of an impact

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    Fri, 25 Feb 2011

    Urban brings you Tim Lincecum and Edgar Renteria from Arizona.

  20. 2.21: Giants camp -- Jonathan Sanchez


    Mon, 21 Feb 2011

    lot of years. They're you know how to under the young guys both of them and not rely he did. Cannot replace. Brave man renteria and you'll. They'll play a long long time that Cameron. Coming east this city and he's putting it would mean getting