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Crisp: 'Everybody one through nine did a great job today'



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Tue, 21 May 2013|

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-- you did your thing out of the leadoff spot. Don't ask about played in this ballpark built tonight. It's always windy it was a typical tonight playing center field and does have the effect you when you're standing in the batter's box when it's as windy as it once. Mean wasn't that bad. But today's center had. But I don't even on bad guys the long game kind of tired let. In -- batter's box goes on one at -- where -- kind of picked up on me and but other than that it was it was my. -- the one thing we've always said when you're playing when Coco goes go go the -- and since you've been back -- have played extremely well. I know you don't take a lot of credit yourself you just try to do your job but. How important is it for you to do what you did tonight you get on base to set the table for the rest the guys was always good to get your your leadoff guy on. And in any inning. In fortunate enough they got let off three times -- to be able to get on all three of those times was. This is always get the six the table for the guys and it behind you to feel confident this job done in. They did a great job today everybody went to nine did a fantastic job today and it looks like the off. It's tough for the life will again dare devil out of this terrible hair that's that's -- I don't know what to do it it'd be different tomorrow that's okay. But I held as the second thought that I think tonight we we had a shot you chuckling with Elvis Andrus what your helmet fell off what was going out of that conversation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because they'll get down pat has yet is that on now I was trying to -- everybody out that thing is ask me. I must lower half that I that I used to be -- the -- -- I don't know we got the job and I'm Alex you know -- and Beltre while you were standing at second it was like you were being held on by the first baseman Beltre was way off the -- Published today inside -- with a pitcher when your second kind of affected because it looked like yet third to take when you wanna do. Yeah I think there was no outs and I was just kind of hung around with him and ended inside move rumors being moved there my helmet flew off -- yeah but that would possession. Just got a funny. Don't know what about your starting pitcher tonight Bartolo call on this ballpark sometimes the ball getting open can take a beating how important was it for him to not only pitched well. But pitched deep into the game I did a great job. It you know it ended in yet give our guys a great -- at the back of our bullpen has been doing a fantastic job and when Mary wouldn't. That just sit down and watch a ball game. Makes a little more confident probably into for the next game -- -- go out there thanks for you get your water and one last question for you. -- remarkable player in that twice last year this year you come off the disabled list you don't -- have a -- you come straight the big leagues you play which is exceptional because a lot of guys going. -- -- that's how are you able to do it to play so well. After been on this table as you come back without going doubt get a get back to monolith I am lazy I don't I got there god I don't yeah just not good that. I you know I have a simple swing is there's not much to that I step early try to see the law and as long as I feel like I'm able to see the ball. Then -- I feel like I have a chance then I guess my rehab assignment which was. We've got tested a couple bullpen which is nice of them to let me do that and see some live pitching that way and cited is going to cold. This is a slow start. As far as the guy can't Protestants -- -- I'm out on you know we're now getting enough so that you're good you go -- go -- that's what happens you know. I don't -- thanks for joining them out yeah thank you are right everybody should and shouldn't.

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