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Erick Aybar

7.9: LAA/OAK Postgame- Andrew Bailey


  1. Yankees0:46, 1:00
Sat, 10 Jul 2010|

The A's closer talks about giving up the go-ahead home run to Erick Aybar in a losing effort.


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Yes and topples. Changes what thank goodness you know talent can do that situation. Just look like much if I can in the count years means they can. Hear it resourceful. -- You know you can take -- here. You know -- Those decisions. -- -- -- you know there's really can count their mistakes it. Please keep -- discredited in the living here we'll take losses. Lost -- subsequent appearances. This morning assists and especially. Take -- it was a success. -- you know especially coming off the Yankees hears it he's. Come back and and in some runs on the board and you know stop cost us attitude to that team there and pick -- clean and he just. You know you were the first ones that's against the Yankees. It's couples Johnson yeah.

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    The Red Sox have signed 16-year old Dominican prospect Yoan Aybar , according to Alex Speier of WEEI.com.

  2. more attention. I'm gonna be covering Ava Knight four might weekly feature on Thursday for area dot com slash like sports. Aybar has been overlooked for so long and she finally got a chance to show what you can do and she knocked out. A senior last October

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    nobody knows it. No nobody knows you finish third and 87 I don't know I know I think yeah. And I 86 season yeah down forgot Aybar got the year after I I did Davis I know I know that I. And you know a lot of us took it to harder. Then Toby showed that he