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Rough start for W's; Giants sweep; A's swept; Sharks on verge



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Mon, 22 Apr 2013|

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Time now who do win these forty million tons CSN Bay Area dot com. I'm done under Smith and this is your morning minute ballplayer in baseball teams are in action today but first let's get you got up on what you may have missed on Sunday. We start with a major punch in the gut for the Warriors the team says forward David Lee will miss the rest of the playoffs. After completely tearing his right hip flexor in game one against the Nuggets these coming off one of his finest NBA seasons. After eight NBA seasons Lee was making his first ever. Playoff appearance. We had this to say on Twitter quote. Really tough day for me as a competitor and as a teammate thanks for all the players that's aboard. We still got this series let's go down to pass -- GSW. We'll do the diamond Buster Posey hit his first home run of the season and Barry Zito went seven strong innings as the Giants. Completed three game sweep of the Padres winning five to -- They don't allowed five hits striking out four -- he did not give up for one for the third time in four starts here and they don't on his outing. It's incredibly good. And place today. -- don't spend. Playing great. We have real. Good confidence it's. -- to. In the sport you know. You just gotta trust make your pitches. An example the rays completed their first sweep for the -- since 2005. Roberto Hernandez formerly known as Fausto Carmona. This six innings allowing just one run. Oakland starter Tommy Malone had his three game win streak snapped NBA's only got three hits on the day. Tell EI it's just a Blue Jackets San Jose needing just one -- it was a playoff spot third grade -- thought about. Does god don't let the job without pay and run the -- game -- 302 minutes ago as well what else you targeted all. I don't have that makes him stay with the -- Blue Jackets they win boarded three. As we mentioned both the a's and Giants are in action today the a's are in Boston to take on the Red Sox. Our coverage gets going with -- -- pregame live starting at three on CSN California. I'm done and respect and that's your morning minute. -- -- was to win -- forty minutes behind CSN Bay Area dot com.

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  15. welcome outcome chronicle. How you heal enough word about your not. In offseason OT AU lined have Terry here anterior crucial ligament that does not seem fair you know your secondary you know very important Carmona he'll be your fan.