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Kruk & Kuip: 'It's tough to watch good pitching go down the drain'



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Wed, 25 Sep 2013|

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And guys what do we make of a team that was hitting everything in -- and all of a sudden goes called for a couple of days I know Jered Weaver has lot to do that today but -- certainly like to see him bounce back with a bats this week. Yeah baseball's a crazy game you're right these are -- the ball all over the ballpark and then the last two injury. One runs ten hits all ten hits singles. So it's hard to figure out and you're in the right Vargas was very good -- very good but. -- strange to see BA it's just not. Did anything going offensively. But you know fortunately they faced Richards on that Monday night if -- was not up to party pitch well against the a's in Oakland if all three of we saw what Vargas did last night Weaver today of if Richards had -- anything close to what he did vocalist that week it might have been a whole different series we do. Coming in everybody do the Angels a good team they're playing much better this time of the year we don't Seattle's always played VA's well. And those that that's why -- support the puts the vision on Sunday in Oakland. And not worry about trying to do it on the road trip because some teams but -- BA's very well recently. In the case of America's all season I think that's the best thing so I hope the other advantage is great and I I think. -- the guys that you know this heavily but I think the one thing to take away. This whole thing. It's the days are gonna continue to play after Sunday the Angels are going to Texas for four games. They're finished this is their final home game they would not be coming back at all so I think the days and consider where the -- -- begin the season. Where they finished up but -- the Angels and Rangers are -- to look at -- the positive and that's the only positive thing I could say that. You know it's funny produced -- when you're in a pennant race and in -- case they have clinched now. But everything is magnified right you know when I have a couple games were you don't swing the bats real well. Everything's back -- -- just just the way it is when you're in the situation these are good situation -- at -- -- and look at things differently when you start thinking about. How is this team to get themselves going into the post. And the one thing though I think what this doesn't -- face Felix Hernandez on Friday it shows that whenever you get post season your face the best because. What DA isn't gonna try to get maybe the four starters that means the fifth starters lemonade whoever might be. You -- -- the Tigers for example they have four outstanding starters and for sellers not that mix but. You're facing the best of post season so what DA's needed this finish strongly against some pretty good pitchers in Seattle did go to get the last two games but. I I don't think there's a little bit of a drop off just because the -- of division and just got to go through the motions they know. That their face a pretty good pitchers that you tip their hat to what. Those two pitches did last night Vargas and -- today and and just get prepared for the best pitchers in baseball when you get to post season.

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