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5.16: LAA/OAK postgame -- Mark Ellis



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Tue, 17 May 2011|

Ellis on his game-winning fielder's choice in extra innings Monday.


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Mark Melancon standing back downstairs -- really give the game winning RBIs and duplicate that. -- had to get a quality of -- all night in the -- and -- period tell us about the conditions obviously was brutal it rained a lot to before the game but even during the game how difficult was his life. No other very much the very much fun for the truth you know gonna get our defense stood through. Does not get -- where if you're gonna play regretful when you know and -- about veterans they're part of a big hit they got stuff and -- -- get on -- there in the try to come up those suits it's very rare that a ball club that in the past not stole a lot of bases like yesterday called coastal base Barton drove it to fit tonight they went but. You have to talk about your at bat against. Fernando Rodney Bob ball five infielders. How much were your sitting back waiting so you weren't -- on the ball. Oh yeah my thumb and figure solo home plate you know I was not tougher Sergio Paul -- there you know so that just fits your -- of the best -- they're -- -- -- through hit a fastball and had a sound as if Theres depth up the middle outside of the ball the middle and of course is it got to get over thirty vision but I just a New Orleans strikeout -- -- their -- The marquee guys with the game that I -- get a game over 500. But do you feel like you're. It's a group you're just still not playing your best baseball and there is a lot of room for improvement there's no reason why this team yet we've got to get a bunch games over 500. Darryl brown play our best baseball you know we gotta we gotta love bug has left. -- so we will sort of swing it best myself included and you know put a bunch of wins together and out with a -- series and we -- of the winnable series -- division wide open and a to come down there today and this is like -- -- -- mark what does this say about your ballclub that. Trailing and the game goes after three and -- Finley they came back to take the lead him with the conditions cold. Been very as it was going to be a while but yet you guys come back what what does this mean to your ballclub even though. Yeah offense is where it's expected to be we get to win a game like He did tonight I made a lot you know really doesn't game that nobody nobody really wants to be out here you know I got probably 2000 people in the stands and it's tough you know about a -- the games if you win those games are doing good you know and consider especially against division rival. Assists in the combat like that -- on us so it's that's a really good win for us a mark thanks for joining us I know it's been a long night today hit the warm clubhouse targets but.

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  6. get right here. All of me. This is an every day the back mark. Watch me. Of course then. You play you pay. From trainer Rodney Holmes. another him ride it out just where. Remember. Third race today and you play you pay is rather docile sort but that

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  9. around the end to make it 11 nothing. in the second quarter pulled from going forward on fourth and short tape it connects with Rodney . Ellis sit on the slant for the first down bulldogs inside the red zone run you hit the I started. The end zone Wilson drew

  10. We can compared to most and every every dollar in NBA draft things that mean that I've He will Rodney Stuckey have seen like you know big strong combo guard what would you get compared to most. Only to follow was was recoup or comparisons

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  12. know that that I respect everybody and he's it. That happened right. Those penalties happened. He put all of that together Rodney threw sixteen pitches to the guys walk so for me what you wanted to do it you're married pitcher possibly hatton and He showed

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  17. Pretty good to get out there and I just looked good. Holds up. Will you. Definitely coming from the right. Second quarter or you and into the third. Try to bring energy in the can get to hold my serve spot you know some threes and play defense rebounds try to run the floor. Basically do and and

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  19. of guys that work hard man and I've government bought into it still was somehow stars were out and now. And and some guys Rodney Carney came in and play well and played in place we'll get a thrill and grilled over a series so I think our group is good

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