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2.27: Chronicle Live -- Andrew Baggarly on the Giants



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Mon, 27 Feb 2012|

Baggarly breaks down the health of Brian Wilson


Machine Generated Transcript

And Giroux back really working down in Scottsdale Arizona welcoming to chronicle live and Joseph let's start with. Brian Wilson after the first time in at the media was kind of serious today how did he throw hot and he looked. Well he threw a grade I watched his bullpen session and he's getting extension his stride length is longer that's a result of his workouts in the off season. And you know even last year when he was saving games you looked kind of stiff on the mound in and wasn't able to really extend and I think really that's how his elbow flared up. He was compensating for that and now. He feels like his hip and is back isn't an issue he's able to extend and and really he was. Not only pitching but he was pretending -- Stacy right handers left handers and having -- bullpen catcher Terrell martz who -- his glove around. And really focusing on hitting his spots he didn't look like a guy rehabbing you look like a guy who's getting ready to come in and closing game. And I know off the field it appeared that he was in character had a couple nice exchange a few people who go to your. I'll blog over CSN Bay Area dot com and you can kind of get the sense but do you sense that he doesn't seem worried about his health right now. That's exactly the sense I get an even when he arrived in spring training the first day. There's little standoffish and you know it's been very typical for those of us who cover the Giants to really get inside Brian Wilson said. Ever since really got to July or August when his -- sort of flaring up. But now he seems at ease he seems you know confident he's always been that kind of guy. But he's also joking around having fun. You know not putting on an act so much is just being himself which is it just kind of quirky and and you can tell that those things that he's not going to express at the side -- him the true side of and it's not gonna come out. Unless he feels good about the way he's pitching about the way that his body's responding on the mound that tells you more than anything that. He's on track in the -- he's very confident he's gonna be they're ready. For that first save situation once the season begins. Another guy Giants fans are intrigued by because of the injury factor early general injuries the right word may be just a little snap -- with his back that's Tim Lincecum how did he look. It is throwing session on Monday. Well Lincecum face hitters for the first time he was on the back field so we was against mostly minor leaguers guys like prospects. Francisco Cordero and injury Suh sacked -- glass he was in that group to nobody hit a ball out of the infield and that's partially because -- fastball was up that was high or higher above. And he's gonna have to work on that but gave himself an eight point five out intensive for the first time out. It wasn't terrible and he's gonna work from there another is first exhibition start may come in the exhibition opener we're gonna find out in the next compile a day or two with a bruised coach he has that in mind. But for now Lincecum appears to be catching up to the other pitchers from that little bump in the road he had early on with the yes stiff lower back. Let's rewind and do it to the weekend I know the big question about the Giants as their hitting and whether or not they're going to be able to produce runs over the weekend hitting coach. Hensley new -- addressed the players about hitting but what specifically was the message was try to get across every one. The message she was trying to get it crosses trust the person behind you if -- even if you're ahead in the count. 31 or or too low you know don't be geared up for that -- looking to drive of course to have that mind but just really react to whatever you get. Don't try to over swing at that at 20 changeup that might be coming your way that the Giants saw so many of last year. And trust the guy behind you to be able to do it if if if you don't get the pitches. And at the other big message was to work smarter and not work harder he thought there were the way too many guys last year. Who just wanted to hit in the cage over and over and over again when -- one of those guys Andres Torres is one of those guys they're not here any longer but there's still a lot of younger hitters especially. Who just think they can now work all of their issues and stimulants once and to really think more about having an approach at the plate. Think more about hitting situationally. Obviously this was a terrible. Team in the class last year and he wants them just to be smarter. Instead of thinking that they can now work in in just works through their problems are.

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