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7.24: Fred Lewis on Matt Cain



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Fri, 15 Feb 2013|

The Giants were following protocol by giving Melky a World Series ring.


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Get the thoughts now from our Giants insider and you bag barely heard with the fans think regarding the two in the World Series ring with the Giants think regarding this. Playing the Giants think they follow protocol protocol is if you play for the team even if it's for one inning even if you're just on the roster and you don't make it in the game. You get a World Series ring we've seen it. But a lot of players in recent years such as Fred Lewis to him play for the Giants in 2010 but he is on the DL for two weeks for them for the traded him. He shattering Travis Blackley. Pitch for the a's last year but he was briefly a giant so he gets a ring and and Melky Cabrera this is only a story because Melky you know he said he wasn't sure he's gonna get one. The fact is the Giants had his ring size and all along he did clinic hammering maybe not out with a big public ceremony like they did for one your -- Or Edgar Renteria but you know parcel post or in person he's gonna get his -- Everywhere -- -- Wear that thing around all those guys and and that one other big story at a Giants camp was that Angel of the alone he's back with the Giants here at camp and how long they'll be there. You may be familiar with the story you may not was -- charged with the murder in the Dominican Republic. Has been three years since he's been back here settled with a family out there is back reinstated got that working -- -- your impressions of our conversation with him. But he be alone made it very clear that he was not going to address the issues -- all the reasons that he was in the Dominican Republic for three years couldn't get as you said the fact. He wasn't just charged with murder he was either in prison or under house arrest -- more than a year is this a very serious situation here but people feel that there was enough evidence to go forward. And they before the drop charges so populist trying to put that behind him he was at single a San Jose in 2009 when that this all happened. He might go back to San Jose to start this season he's twenty years old still a lot of baseball life in front of him. Once they top prospect now -- not quite as top in the organization. Andrew regularly drop in the inside knowledge on the Giants.

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