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Concern surrounds Freddy Sanchez

Sun, 17 Feb 2013|

Freddy Sanchez hasn't played a major league game since June 2011, but his agent says Sanchez isn't ready to 'hang 'em up' yet.

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  1. 1.22: Dave Groeschner on Freddy Sanchez

    Comcast sports sensitive time they've as reported Thursday night here at Comcast sports net giants' second baseman Freddy Sanchez had shoulder surgery one month ago. Giants traded David discussed the injury earlier today. That not everybody baseball

  2. 6.12: Giants trainer Dave Groeschner on Freddy Sanchez

    The Giants' trainer explains the latest on Freddy Sanchez's shoulder injury.

  3. 7.29: Freddy Sanchez on leaving Pittsburgh

    We bring in Freddy Sanchez from AT&T park and you found out just minutes ago your head has got to be spreading what's your initial reaction Friday from

  4. 8.25: Exclusive- Freddy Sanchez with Amy G

    So we have Freddy Sanchez here to receive some unfortunate news today you have been placed on. The fifteen day disabled list just give us an overview of

  1. Freddy Sanchez not ready to retire yet


    Sun, 17 Feb 2013

    Freddy Sanchez hasn't played a major league game since June 2011, but his agent says Sanchez isn't ready to 'hang 'em up' yet.

  2. off many times and a with these guys again were relentless and get it done on the way. That is is on restorers. Freddy Sanchez were no disrespect to them because they played magnificently. Point in the world McDonald's grow even better

  3. Nice surprise locking in the clubhouse to see Freddy Sanchez in Giants gear and you look carried out there there ..... nowhere like you said but. And I'll be ready to go Freddy Sanchez I'm sure the team is glad to see come in the clubhouse

  4. Marco scooter row at second base weren't what they You and Aubrey Huff at first base yet Freddy Sanchez 's short he had Edgar Renteria grad Freddy Sanchez at second and to short we we've been fixating on that in a giant position players on the

  5. use. Any clear in your organization to replace an injured player. And as we know there's a lot of guys on the DL Freddy Sanchez anybody of that nature. That's all they need to be able to bring out anybody from the organization daily key as

  6. like this evening special start time 8 PM at. Giants game it's not a whole lot coming up and likely top five. Freddy Sanchez according to our insider and who regularly. And for the season has are probably goes well we'll get more insight

  7. here's what the problem comes it's when you have. Brandon Crawford in the top three vote. It's when you have Freddy Sanchez who hasn't played since you have won eleven. In the top for a long second baseman and the Giants gone from supporting

  8. the. And other guys working out down in Phoenix is Freddy Sanchez and in the Bruce she addressed it in the days and ..... that's a good surprise but what are you guys with Freddy Sanchez . Well it's it's still on the waiting stage he

  9. but areas would be the answer everyone waited for Freddy Sanchez . But as Brian Terry staking a claim to second base ..... since gotten back from the arm injury. What about Freddy Sanchez is there an update on what he's got to do to get

  10. keep our fingers crossed with Freddy Sanchez although he's. Not what this ..... some decisions today is because Freddy Sanchez is not playing with the team and ..... up. Where is the progress for Freddy Sanchez we are about. Ten days outside

  11. piggyback on me up putting out scenario and and you look at your club right now second base there are some questions Freddy Sanchez is still continue to have his physical issues. How quickly do you start to look to other teams and Orlando Hudson

  12. Bruce Bochy talks about resting Buster Posey, previews the Bay Bridge Series, and provides an update on Freddy Sanchez's status.

  13. s really been unfair for the Giants this year these injuries are just killer which not. the third place play. Freddy Sanchez cannot rubbed her on his back don't know he can't he's not playing again he's done. Hit retired I'm retired

  14. Understand if it was one of those things where you know I. I got a little rejuvenated going up there and whenever we're still come. Good news sport and help me get better and hope that I feel better. But I mean a lot lot better games as part of that and never disrespect the game plug and play hard.

  15. Sabean: 'We're in survival mode'


    Wed, 16 May 2012

    second base so let's start there will Begin. With a Freddy Sanchez update we got Twitter question at crime like CSN from Tina she wants to know how concerned you law are. At Freddy Sanchez and trying to come back and Alex's back that instance

  16. Sanchez headed back to minors


    Sat, 5 May 2012

    Freddy Sanchez is back in Arizona rehabbing his shoulder. He's 50-50 to return in May.

  17. What's been happening down in San Jose course second baseman Freddy Sanchez on a rehab assignment out there. What is the very latest on Freddy can you explain to us a little bit about how his rehab clock

  18. best start in Giants history. Massive Garner picked up the win as the Giants win game 27. Giants second baseman Freddy Sanchez played his first rehab game last night in San Jose. Sanchez was the DH went one for three at the plate if all goes

  19. Freddy Sanchez says it's been a roller-coaster getting back out on the field, and that the mental grind definitely takes its toll.

  20. the wire which the next 72000 right. Argument you Freddy Sanchez and Oprah's just met with the media he mentioned ..... coming along could you define coming along means. For Freddy Sanchez 's he tries to prepare so to get back to AT&T park