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Fosse: 'It's an uphill battle'



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Sun, 7 Oct 2012|

Ray Fosse recaps the A's Game 2 loss, including the bullpen's performance and what lies ahead.


Machine Generated Transcript

Obviously he's now in a very tough predicament down. 02 in this series simply said they're gonna have to sweep the rest of the way at the coliseum if they want they season to continue. And we know they're capable of doing that if you look at the last homestand the -- What nine games go five back and they swept the Mariners as well as the Texas Rangers to win the division. So they feel very confident they can do the same thing it's an uphill battle and I think. What were saying so far and especially today -- what post season baseball means because a lot of good things can happen during the season the little breaks that don't go your way. -- post season and I think that showed up today if you think about the three guys the back into the bullpen. And Doolittle cook and -- what they did down the stretch pitching 56 games consecutively today two blown saves and a loss those same three guys but. That that ball drop to center field by Coco Crisp. I I think there's only one the great Willie Mays to make a basket catch and make it look so easy. Unfortunately with the big swing by Cabrera. That was very costly because the ball did not go as far as -- had thought initially as he charged and they don't just did not make the play two unearned runs scored and that was probably most devastating but it was a good game the way they came back -- could not get the shut -- inning -- of August. Great girlfriend like tiger how you do on pit. I played nobody do it by -- last night they shot they were the this but it is not -- -- -- raining but I'm I don't I actually raining now but if that's not to get out of Detroit and the day it. That's right that's right this is Paris -- you what I talked about catchers blocking balls a lot during the season I've learned a lot from you about that right two very important plays today. Gerald Laird a lot of run to score and soda -- guitars again what were your thoughts on both of the wild pitches and did did not look just like you. Either catcher did a very good job blocking the ball for an. Well you've heard me say many times you can't block the ball by trying to backhanded because you're not getting your body in front of the ball and that's what happened. I will -- defense that George guitarist Ryan Cook was all over the place. Fastball was moving all the place but in that situation you have to somehow get your body in front of the ball the proper technique get the catcher's Mitt on the ground your your body. To soften the roll. And not try to back getting your right cockpit it's just unfortunate that we've seen that too much more balls get pass catchers at crucial times in a ball game. And as the a's tied the game with a wild pitch with -- back there and then the Tigers come back and tie it. And it just did you don't technique it's a proper technique it's a lost art because I think. Good catchers will get their body sacrifice the body get in front of find a way to block the ball to keep brought from scoring. Especially the runner at third base and we would talk also about guys advancing in this one position. With a wild pitch not rob blocked the ball properly but the case of runner at third. You have to find a way to block it they did not and as a result it cost the a's a little bit more committed to the Tigers the way it turned out. -- safe travels and we sure hope this is not your last road trip of the season if you catch my drift thanks for joining us. Well I do catch it and and seriously if there's ever a team that can bounce magnet ball club can do it we'll see it to tonight and the main thing is that crowd is gonna be in favor -- -- starting to sign the coliseum.

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