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  1. this tournament thus far but do you feel like he's got to be impressive to the point where not only did He knock out unit. Parra that He Neitzel good anything not ever possibly stop instead to make that statement right and I don't agree with those you

  2. field. Yeah we it's. As little fullback right now and we'll about the ball right now. But yeah all those. Fullback. Parra special team guys as well so it. Really important for him you know he's gonna make contributions which they held at fullback

  3. 9.21: Tom Cable, RAW part 1


    Mon, 21 Sep 2009

    can continue to get there are two kickers. much and they put this team Karadzic history that the field goals. Both of and Parra but really. Single handedly changed field position himself so it's a great job by him overall. You know it's good to win