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6.6: WSH/SFG postgame -- Freddy Sanchez


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Tue, 7 Jun 2011|

Sanchez, the hero in the Giants' extra inning win, talks to Amy G about his 13th inning hit.


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Freddy did take guess there we know you. It the clutch situation it was given me -- -- to cap. Relies on it you know we just look at her pitch to hit. Doors and Greg Dobbs getting on Greek god. No it's not a run hard on line and to get out of the double play that is wanna get this anti government in this thing but. You know we came back it again -- you on. -- -- it's not us score some runs early. Some points and. Okay well we're used to have it and later He got attention on your bullpen tonight ready. They went eight innings struck out nine they held on the court for you guys. Tonight all remarkable like always some of those guys. Can't say enough about him I mean there's you know they just come in do their job in. You know that's not easy to go one pitch in those kind of games wins it's that tight you know and they kept us there and we were able to pull it out it. The eighth inning you guys are down. For not then you guys needed to put together a big -- any -- power -- able to keep the line moving. You know it's it's it's everybody you know it's it's something different every night and everyone's battle level as well together and we never quit you know no matter what inning it is we will also agree with chants and you know I took a blew open no Cody stubble and fluffy with a big head and you know that's something stuck us are sometimes. This of forecasts -- organist he's the next few days I mean we know they're tough club that they had their number back in DC they took three out of four from you guys need days are just not gonna go down and I. Other I mean they're very tough club you always. To be accidents here and they got surely they kept their pitchers have them in the ballgame also and it's going to be dog fights you know in the next couple games and ended -- but they're a tough team they handed to us a little bit -- both -- enough. Do some here home.

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    Demarcus Dobbs will not be active when the 49ers play Green Bay because he violated the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse.

  5. elevate him not to get into the rotation got Ian Williams who signed. Extension in the offseason will to walk through the markets dobbs also drafted. Quinton dial from Alabama supporters have some guys that big. Rotation but it's up to those young guys to

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  12. nothing but the best on the next step. Opportunity knocked it. On the world does continue to move on though the Spurs vs the dobbs tonight. They'll debut their new year and he's coverage starts at 7 o'clock on Comcast sports net Bay Area. Have a great

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  15. need to find a way to get back to that other styles. Is don't we have way too many turnovers that not enough assists send dobbs and and give them credit they're past you offensively but that's not the way we wanna play offensively. And we'll have

  16. Staff curry played ball and choate and now good chance this time. Forget the we want believe part of me 27 to seven run at. Dobbs on top of the games handle it pretty well thank you very much at saint Thomas the pull up back on top 25 minutes to go Jack

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    Demarcus Dobbs ' rough month continues. The 49ers' Swiss Army knife was placed on injured reserve by the 49ers Tuesday.

  18. twice fun and then firmly in the Warriors win. 10496. They didn't exactly slam eleven point fourth quarter but no matter the dobbs before it all on the road trip. First time they've won the first four games of a road since then 197879. Season it's the

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    Demarcus Dobbs just turned 25 years old. But he won't celebrate it by playing for the 49ers after getting himself arrested early Friday morning following a single-car accident.

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    Aldon Smith and Delanie Walker are expected to play Sunday in the 49ers' game against the St. Louis Rams after going through limited practice this week.