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Southpaw showdown: Bumgarner faces Kershaw in Los Angeles



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Fri, 13 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

-- of the very best lefties in baseball so there. Over tomorrow it is Madison that Bob Gardner with a two point 82 -- -- -- the won loss record that's going for him. -- look at Kershaw she he's gonna win at the Major League year A title. For a third straight year will be the third pitcher has to do it a couple of guys named a lefty grove. And Greg Maddux but -- bothered to open from Madison bond guys they can't score for this guy that you should be winning more than eleven guys last start. They won in extra straight into. An Arizona but he's are home against theirs and he should be it. More wins yet he's definitely tough clutch guy this year not getting the wins and and in their most consistent best pitcher. All season. And that's enough -- basically the best pitcher in baseball right now playing Kershaw should be very great matchup tomorrow. But two big country lefties going that it should be an interest -- you probably see more of the same. You know if you really think about what we saw -- my low scoring affair with some clutch hits that's gonna determine again. Clayton Kershaw guest is San Francisco Giants career. Eleven and four or they won that point 320 earned run average. He has allowed 22 earned runs in a 150 innings of work finish any -- effects was. The best of his generation out of high get better than Clayton Kershaw the 132 we irate is the best in history. Against the Giants and this year we've seen a four time member opening day has to show I'm home run. To win an opening day against -- he's 30 with a one point 13. ERA against the Giants this year is seen by far. The best pitcher in baseball. I would say right now he is you know just with the consistency he throws out there every time he's gonna get it around every once in awhile. We look at those numbers he of the numbers from last year year before and the year before that they're consistent numbers he always puts a good ERA. You know good strikeout totals and win losses are are kind of I don't want say there are relevant but you know they're not indicative to how did this guy is.

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