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9.7: KC/OAK postgame -- Guillermo Moscoso with Henry Wofford

Sat, 28 Sep 2013|

SAN FRANCISCO – Jeremy Affeldt underwent surgery to repair a sports hernia, which might have contributed to the groin discomfort that derailed his season in July.  Giants manager Bruce Bochy said Affeldt will spend the next six to eight weeks rehabbing from the surgery. Much more is expected next ...

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  1. 8.21: TOR/OAK postgame -- Guillermo Moscoso

    Moscoso understands that there will be some days where you pitch great and still lose.

  2. 8.16: BAL/OAK postgame -- Guillermo Moscoso

    Moscoso on how his control was in a win over the Orioles.

  3. 6.12: OAK/CHW postgame -- Guillermo Moscoso

    Moscoso talks about the team fighting until the very end, and his one big mistake to Adam Dunn.

  4. 6.29: FLA/OAK postgame -- Guillermo Moscoso

    Moscoso talks about the two home runs he gave up against the Marlins.

  1. Extra Baggs: Affeldt undergoes surgery, Cain scratched for Sunday, etc.


    Sat, 28 Sep 2013

    next two seasons. In other news, Bochy said the coaching staff decided to scratch Matt Cain on Sunday and start Guillermo Moscoso in what will amount to a bullpen game for the regular-season finale.

  2. Instant Replay: Bullpen woes doom Giants in 10-5 loss to Pirates


    Thu, 22 Aug 2013

    After Matt Cain exited in the fourth inning, Guillermo Moscoso and Jose Mijares allowed seven runs in a 10-5 loss to the Pirates.

  3. Bullshootin' with Guillermo Moscoso


    Wed, 21 Aug 2013

    Yeah. For a lot and I'm CS NNE dot com yeah. Also with us and it hasn't just to have that ball. She had him. Alex you got very very carefully here now thinking and then that. A lot of times it's how he's becoming have a good but that. Yeah he had some friends locked into that clubhouse Connolly

  4. bringing him back after a long with the rain delay so it goes in the bullpen. It clearly tonight it was not a good effort durable Moscoso he has to really no command the most pitches he had to rely on what pitching you get across the plate that was a fastball

  5. Instant Replay: Giants dropped in rain-delayed D.C. opener


    Tue, 13 Aug 2013

    Adam LaRoche broke a 1-1 tie with a two-run shot off Guillermo Moscoso following a rain delay that forced Madison Bumgarner from the game.

  6. Time now. He has in the area dot com yeah. Good morning everyone Henry hear what your morning minute from the Comcast sports to help get right to a with the World Series champions DL almost also made his first start for the Giants. As they wrapped up their series and Tampa Bay the rays get the

  7. Instant Replay: Giants drop rubber match to Rays


    Sun, 4 Aug 2013

    Filling in for Barry Zito, Guillermo Moscoso issued four walks and allowed three runs in 4.2 innings in the Giants' 4-3 loss to the Rays.

  8. I expect to Tampa Bay back for the first time since old Ford Barry Zito walks in that park for the first time and 06 but it's a new role. Very very easy don't tell me about coaches decision to move for the Giants bullpen on Sunday. Well it's been pretty strongly suspected for a few days now

  9. Notes: Doomed by lack of depth, Giants acquire Moscoso


    Fri, 26 Jul 2013

    The lack of organizational depth has haunted the Giants this season, and it forced them to acquire 29-year-old journeyman Guillermo Moscoso .

  10. Giants acquire Moscoso , activate Arias


    Fri, 26 Jul 2013

    San Francisco made a number of roster moves Friday, adding a former A's starting pitcher and a utility infielder.

  11. 9.18: DET/OAK postgame -- Bob Melvin


    Sun, 18 Sep 2011

    Melvin was impressed with Moscoso's performance, knowing he had to pitch well against Verlander.

  12. 9.13: LAA/OAK postgame -- Bob Melvin


    Wed, 14 Sep 2011

    plays you lose a rough night for us offensively when we had runners on. Bob can you talk about the decision when you pulled Moscoso and did the 129 pitches have anything to do with his performance to I don't think so the ball's coming out of his hand

  13. 9.8: Morning Minute


    Thu, 8 Sep 2011

    I everybody's got here in the Comcast sports net studios this is your morning minute the Giants hanging on by a thread in the National League west and Wednesday did not help their cause and Tigers win. The series finale my score 321 despite a solid outing from pat came his 200 Major League start

  14. 9.2: SEA/OAK postgame -- Bob Melvin


    Sat, 3 Sep 2011

    Melvin thinks Moscoso got better as the game progressed, and calls Matsui's double the hit of the game.

  15. 8.22: Morning Minute


    Mon, 22 Aug 2011

    for us David up there and held on. About a lot run off the following the end of the event for us. don't think Guillermo Moscoso pitched well enough to have want to Received any run support Eli just one run on three hits while punching out seven

  16. 8.21: TOR/OAK postgame -- Kurt Suzuki


    Sun, 21 Aug 2011

    Kurt Suzuki talks about Guillermo Moscoso getting the loss despite his great performance.

  17. 8.12: Morning Minute


    Fri, 12 Aug 2011

    and gold got a big game from Hideki Matsui who went four for six and two wins and two runs meanwhile. On the mound Guillermo Moscoso and picked up his fifth win of the season is open gets ready for a weekend series with the Texas Rangers knew that

  18. Moscoso talks about getting the win, and the run support he received.

  19. 7.7: Morning Minute


    Thu, 7 Jul 2011

    him. Throughout the avoid the sweep by setting up Seattle Mariners to love you had a solid pitching effort from. Guillermo Moscoso boom box step back to this spot in the starting rotation by going seven innings to hit balls got Scott Sizemore had

  20. Moscoso talks about his two-hit performance against the Mariners and his chances of staying with the club as injured pitchers return.