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8.24: SDG/SFG pregame -- Heath Bell



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Fri, 25 May 2012|

Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper take a close look at the Marlins' five-run sixth inning.


Machine Generated Transcript

Back here in South Florida we're the Marlins beat the Giants and close within. Guys came back they banged up working its like good good. But in a lot of ways when you look yet at the the body of work for the Giants in this game it's the one inning that beat him and that was the sixth inning. -- the Marlins were five. Well it really has become so that we've seen all too often we do let's get this will throw for five good innings and he's given up one run at five it. He looked pretty good -- and also the gets in the sixth inning if he cannot stop -- because the stars of steam roll against the extra struggling with the some fastball command. The -- it did it was a it was a hanging curve ball to Chris called you know Baltimore for threw over. Created 63 game so frustrating night for let's go as he tries to piece together. An answer as to why these problems are happening to him -- two starts but. The plus side the offense continues to roll fourteen hit -- -- -- back he was down 73 of the net that he gets a little bit mrs. Heath Bell to get to run to get him out of the -- But so those are good things that they could build a club but still the question that that surrounds to -- -- as to what's going on nobody seems to -- -- -- I don't know.

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    Okay he's not bill I'm ticket. I. It's all love you couldn't force myself. Military staff humbling when your at time. After and I spend and a hole in the right We enjoy playing yeah Marcus really gets play looser well you know we we start playing ball Cardinals Panthers didn't. I I don't know

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    The plus side the offense continues to roll fourteen hit back he was down 73 of the net that he gets a little bit mrs. Heath Bell to get to run to get him out of the But so those are good things that they could build a club but still the question

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    a little bit first couple games where. They've they've been through this for two months now. And Padres closer Heath Bell has in five of the last six games but a manager Bud Black says he will not Alter anything because of the heavy workload

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    t expect it's dangerous here. Let's talk about die period that you face the closer for the Padres the all star Heath Bell and before the game you said this is a do you start for you. The second half. If you were to do something about it

  1. brother she. Is currently with the team holding a box of what the Red Sox the celebratory the guys that they can put good he is after a World Series the way. And bell only sell it our kids will pay out it can't get got hit on the way up at port

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  13. Mark goes then they tied the game the idiot let's just start right there off of bell out you get after the lately bases loaded. What's your approach your down one. So I get a good visited and and I just try to

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  16. that's the way he. Submarines. To clean hits. with the blocked punt. was. Here's the I figured you write about David Bell argument. That a lot of guys are doing that you know a lot of players that have just been sending players in an improving players

  17. from Jackson listen. What I broke my kneecap and I was I was really just hoping he gets an extra presidential love. He cracked bell and I've ever hit like that was the dumbest thing you've ever say to the president of big United States but yeah. You know

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    hearing his name called and the starter. In Napa deal traders balanced Comcast sports net. Think you fell another loss Jarrett bell as the Raiders shuffling things up a bit for the latest on men elect and check out CSN Bay Area dot com and.

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