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Hector Sanchez: 'He threw me a fastball, and I hit it well'



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Tue, 24 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Think he's gotten on the -- and being -- how I'm not want to rent. Rookie sensation. In New York wonder he simply stole the show and and line up cards do on not aids and and I now isn't easy threes here but talk about playing well you guys are always so humble but. Fact of the matter is he did well -- than -- and -- instantly felt a little bit about your game against the Mets and then I think it helps to have a career high. And him from the game. -- Again this time New York I was waiting for -- moment. From my family and friends. Or did you -- -- new York and it was a special moment for me this. Got three hits that day it is very special. Tend to wait for the team and you know it's important that teams do this on this football team to win and I didn't. He never if you haven't seen that the other players and it's it's -- Hector Sanchez is right there. The ones that you like I don't that you kept them yet but had not just. -- -- Mom and me. Some authentic demanding on and fear that. And that didn't have after the game -- talk at all about that meal on the magic that was yeah what did she made how many people that she keeps the entire team. She make but it. Two portions the little team I guess everybody gets the other it's. Right race. Ribs chicken. It's a good -- I don't know. I was such a hundred vary from home and I hit the -- -- -- so everybody can have sons. You know they get three guys around him that he thinks. Oh yeah that -- everybody saying. It's very good food yeah they're enjoying the night. Okay maybe sitting here again is -- London. If you're thinking yeah I mean I thank you I guess. -- get to the next series to the Yankees. And then. He -- defensively there for sure saving a run and just. You grew up -- home games there and eighteen and every game came into the season your team chairman unseeded that you're race fan but. What is it like to go back to your old stomping ground floor is. He was. It was a special moment of inspiration because I don't Wear the new stadium is best values in practice and explain there. I think Castro and Paul feels good Yankee Stadium -- they did the same field. We have four Yankee Stadium audience. Inside stadium on -- I was -- or maybe 67 years ago practicing and working out and now. And the Yankee Stadium and anything dancing dancing with the Yankees. This bigamy thing you know. That moment and make me. It was a moment that you know him well it came through. I think it. Speeds and who honest. Want to answer that sentiment towards the united -- thirteen for your -- thing. Possibly a roster spot in 2014. Good you've bounced -- -- -- talking to our. Shared information helped out. Since the first day again you -- different guys came out to me. Tell me how things work here aren't close. Coaches that. Everybody knows we'll -- it was very dedicated -- Happening more and know how to prepare for the game and I'm not playing on us. Haven't I had an idea before it gets admits that role for a winnable. It's an added depth now they've they've. Quite a bill saying. I had an idea who -- -- over again make sure I had the best thing yeah. You're not only that he had mentioned Marcus just kind of you know stepping out of the normal role and everybody helps you out but that he's kind of -- that extra mile -- Johnson mentioned. Wolf what is left for you any final six games. What else do you want to accomplish their group. First they got it. They -- him it. Stayed positive and dedicated to my team a chance to win. And then then I can do on the field. But just be ready yeah. You take the next here. OK now it's mommy I want to make any significant enough this night I was like yeah. They don't forget about it right I have one friend fun fun fun watching -- finally set I can't think a lot of fun CSN Bay Area dot com who had some. He.

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