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8.25: HOU/SFG postgame -- Jon Miller & Mike Krukow



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Fri, 26 Aug 2011|

Kruk and Miller talk about the offensivelly listless Giants after a 3-1 loss to the Astros.


Machine Generated Transcript

Well what do what do you think that -- the Giants. They're struggling and obviously when a team is not hitting. The you tend to look listless as you know was getting on base enough things going on. Well about a team step is definitely in -- what they do with the bats but this has been about a month now the Giants have to look at for energy that would try to find that chemistry. But it's almost like this story repeats itself on a daily basis they get there. And they're just not able to put hits together they create opportunity -- -- the one hit that puts them through that once it tighter. Base hit it it it it's brings an inning in and they can put its a crooked number up on reportedly they're just have been that many times they've scored more than one run in an inning and and that just starts to suck the life out of the -- -- that that's what's happening to me this this team right now they're playing. Houston in Houston. It looked like Houston had all the energy. You look at team better let body language that Giants during batting practice were just flat they were they were there were quiet in there grinding so hard. And you look over and see all the kids in the if the Astros on the field take batting practice there having fun they'd rather play games thereabouts around. Energy is chemistry and right now the Giants have to find a way to ignite some chemistry. And they will way to do that is if they live this much up with a willing to do that. You have to put some hits together that's the key that's what we've -- Wait for the whole season well and -- in the frustrating part I think especially for the Giants tonight against Henry Sosa there they're their own product out of their farm system. The fourth fifth in six innings Sosa issued leadoff walks in each case you start thinking okay here we go. But the Giants could not move those runners up. And all three times it all came tumbling down around them. Twice guys getting thrown out and on sort of but busted hit and run plays one just bad luck with mobile song up there. A a ball was strong so far a strike and just was unhittable but then. The other time there was a bit and a 32 count and Cody Ross could not make contact on the fastball so that's just always go for the Giants right now. And then not able to sustain any kind of Iraq. -- and that's the problem when you know you're atop a -- Sosa really is more of a reliever who's the starting role right now but if you look at the type stuff that He has He can't give you that many different looks. So for the Giants to go down as -- closely that they did tonight against a guy who didn't have. That many different things you can do the ball but that's a bit of surprise. I mean they did pretty well against him on Sunday when they you know they get a win early to get some runs off -- but tonight it just wasn't happening so. You know you your your race this late to come back tomorrow trying to clean things up mentally. And -- hope that tomorrow is a game that ignites because right now obviously need to do something that you do it now you know that then -- at now one and three against the Astros. This is with a schedule. Figured to favor the Giants are gonna have to start making it favor them. Tomorrow that's three more with the Astros and and three with the Cubs coming up before they have the big showdown series with Arizona so we still have some twists and turns. And in this schedule but for the Giants it's getting a little more urgent right now they've lost tonight in Houston.

  1. proved their loyalty you're gonna give hosts of the team and I remark was a glass. Cost that was that Sosa he's like yeah yeah we're gonna Sosa rookies are picking up the but Who's interest whose cool. Lot of the guys I've been really knows

  2. playing opening night we have some time up Henry Wofford. Comcast sports meant. Henry's side so for more on the contract of Andrew Bogut and the health of Harrison Barnes to check out what Monty pool that's Sosa . On CSN Bay Area dot com.

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  9. on the is a basic they discovered to have the middle of the field open. The safety flooding there in a good girl from a first Sosa . And Twitter blew up with your sister in the box tonight and just you know screaming for you just end up pretty funny to hear

  10. might have to do whom who might have a chance to impress on Thursday night. You know the guys who also are American men. No Sosa this is a tough position of beer because Nomar and all than they've. You know they've played so many snaps so close so many

  11. the ball. And attacked the a little bit so they weren't accustomed to. To finish to my liking but I certainly wants us and Sosa . Yeah never like this so the kid every card that that is the Martina holidays you know polite. They can didn't get away with

  12. prevented that they just say it just has taken ownership or so's this players. To do it because no matter how much noted coach you know. Verizon is what night it was Sosa is a sort of feel assess who has made the right decision and be Smart

  13. losing so. losing by one run one run a studio more obvious you know when you see vote looking back he's not gonna steal a base Sosa hit and run missed by somebody. And that's so hard as it turns out gets a base hit on the next pitch. But little things like

  14. plan for. And it. That we all do along aren't solely on to the strengths and weaknesses and no just been able to move around Sosa . Kelly greens. Yeah well first game there. I'm really for others you know make sure our top from you know. Defending the

  15. you done to kind of handle the situation. It's tough but you know the kind of it's kind of fun since my rookie trying to Sosa phone calls on their mind you know you know things are back in the back and so it. Just keep on their toes and stretching you

  16. looking idea. And it similar. Yeah I don't soon I then you know those things and need to do from physical standpoint. And Sosa did that our defense and offense and starting on the cost in the place so. Started to talk and get a jump career react very

  17. good you know Smart your learned works hard. He's kind of quirky. These things work every day and doing his job so. Who renounces. Wounds the pre season and Sosa Cecil. Or eligible in the mentality and community brings we're there.

  18. s kind of mentally yeah. Well it's I mean guys know what what what it is us we still got a ways to go to be where wannabe Sosa is all about getting better every day go back to work. You know we're not gonna hang our heads just like reserve and as an

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    carries in 2010. Enough power blocking scheme a system the Raiders will return to the. runners that's something the coaches the Sosa none of us into the gap scheme offense get down hill I distance and allow more. I'm looking forwards they once they know that

  20. solid you know it's been a whole year. And every team is coming for you especially if you beat them so this target on your Sosa being the previous champions center. And really really reinforcing the guys don't always has ten things we pride ourselves