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3.1: 1-on-1 with Hideki Matsui (Part 1)



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Mon, 20 Feb 2012|

Ratto and Slusser talk about the newest addition to the Oakland A's Manny Ramirez.


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Look at it chronicle live by Farmers Insurance I am Jim -- more. And we got the panelists here to talk about Manny Ramirez someone well under forties it's in my left she's also the -- beat writer that is -- Lester what a good way to start our spring training coverage. Yeah you know this isn't really surprised that it's still big news it's Manny Ramirez -- you know mania Landon Manny being Manny and I think it's he's gonna create some interest -- this team and there wasn't necessarily going to be a lot of national attention paid the -- this year now. Many creates. A lot of interest and more Mike glowing introduction of the under forty is softer they'll go to the greatest they're good. -- -- radical entire Soccer City parents are better at CSN Bay Area back up a race all I can hopefully get up what do way to make history here with chronicle live on the road spring training why Manny Ramirez for the -- now -- 'cause they couldn't get Jeremy Lin. -- up up up the look it's one of those classic Billy -- deals it's the low risk high reward thing where. If Manny. Does well then -- a genius debated as poorly while Manny was done and we already knew he was done so it really is I mean there's not much risk involved here. It's half a million dollars per guy's gonna play a hundred games if they don't it doesn't strike lightning they don't trade him at the trade deadline. So I mean it's really in terms of impact on the a's long term it's negligible but for the moment this season said it but. So last year go back to his year he was one for seventeen with Tampa Bay he retires on April early in April. And so the court I believe April -- he retires but then he decides to un retire or ask for reinstatement -- this -- -- -- all this -- When he apply for reinstatement Terry in the winter meetings and the decision was made to reduce his suspension from the hundreds of fifty games. He'll be eligible play in the spring training games he can play an exhibition games in Japan obviously not the two regular season games. And then he can go to extended spring training to the it's getting really good long look at him and the disagree with one thing that -- said there is some risk to this. The a's wanted to get another ideas their rebuilding. They wanted to get a look at some of their younger hitting prospects guys that could be here for a long time. And they're not can get nearly as much time to look at those guys certainly did his thing. Those first fifty games -- -- they -- some of those guys out there and get a look but you know the impression was that we're getting was it was gonna want to be assessment than Johnny knows and that spot. But what I'm gonna guess that is if they went to the trouble signing mean. Maybe they didn't like what they have. Because at some point you've got to. Conclude that they're gonna do this they must feel that there's a need for me any in their line up that the guys they already don't have can't fill. It doesn't make any sense otherwise I mean if they really like those other guys there's no need for Manny at all. Buzz or no -- but the fact is they signed them because they feel that he fits a need to -- clearly can't. Can't deal with right now it seems to me. And Susan is there some to be said even if you're gonna go as the a's do with the rebuild. Don't you like to have a guy who's been through the wars before who young guys can learn from well yeah and especially with bringing in -- and -- -- this the Cuban star who speaks at a virtually no English and has never played. Pro ball the United States having some unlike Manny Ramirez who is bilingual has seen at all. Has played here for a long long time I think that'll be good for says that does not people might look at and go -- crazy Manny Ramirez as a mentor for young player. But he's a great hitter and his work ethic is off the chart senseless people always say everyone I know. That has ever played with Manny says you would not believe his work ethic so I think that's probably a good thing for young player likes us the -- to see especially from a of fellow Latin player. Is he still looked at as a great hitter or someone who has an asterisk because maybe there was -- enhancement. By some outside interest and have an unusual drug test at one point. Well I mean he's looked. He's always gonna -- the masters for people wanna put it there. The only troublesome thing for me is that he was awful and camped just it looked like he was done. So this is a bigger question mark than it would have been -- say they've signed him in the spring of 2011. Because he'd been coming off. You know Goodyear after Goodyear after Goodyear to Goodyear temple was a disaster form so this is in some ways what he's got to do to remake himself as a baseball player per season after they get that. Long look at him before it's ready to put him on the roster not want you to project. What is he in an Oakland a's uniform position wise and where is he in the order. -- only DH and only the cleanup hitter I mean you're only adding him. To be a threat in the lineup they don't have much power Jonny Gomes is their guy with the most power so the middle of the order you concede just from a baseball standpoint paid. May be having this that will help these other young guys so from that simply makes sense if he has anything left and he actually started off in Tampa last spring pretty well and it was during the season when there was parity -- idea. That the drug test was coming up a lot of scouts I talked to said he looked like he'd given up at that point so. Mix on how he was looking last year in Tampa good during the spring not so -- once those rumblings of the drug test came out. If you end up getting numbers like he got out of Hideki Matsui last year after the all star break you've got to be doing cartwheels right rent -- -- gives you that you got to be excited. Well yeah but if he gives you the numbers and Matsui gave him for the all star break. You've got to be depressed I mean that's the thing he's he's a complete. Mystery. To everybody and I don't care you know how much Billy scouted him. I don't care how many people saw him you know from the moment that he -- to suspension and did all that we don't know if this is Manny Ramirez anymore. We know it's a guy with his name but we're not sure if that's the -- your mirrors of five years ago one year ago six weeks ago we had no idea. Do we know season after the reinstatement. For Manny who called whom first was Billy on the phone to them or work. -- man he's represented represented its calling around. You know I do not know for sure but I know the a's did wanna add another bat so -- talked to Ramirez they were still talking a little bit -- Hideki Matsui they talked to Johnny Damon. I think they put in a called Vladimir Guerrero so. They wanted to add about my guesses and you know somebody calls somebody for -- it doesn't matter the a's are looking. If it's a disaster and he's -- no 95 hitter like he was in Tampa. They still got word of mouth they still got some attention is at the worst thing in the world food an a's team that has not been a playoff team since 2000 that haven't been a winning team since 2006. Well no could he hit so 95 it's a disastrous miscalculation because. You stacking up against all the other guys like Manny that they signed since 06. That turned out not to do well piazza. Again Kendall was never very good he was he was 05 -- Giambi -- par. Thumb its its the latest in a long string of guys like that and it's for. If he's -- 95 it means that Billy once again has cast his lot with a guy who's done and that means -- may -- his eye for talent is a little bit jaded. When they brought in Matsui year ago a lot of attention a lot of the positive from the Asian media. Now you've got man ram coming -- are you expecting the circus on an everyday basis he's coming in later in the week. If this is a bigger market if Oakland was an -- -- say yes but I think this'll kind of blow over quickly because you know -- the a's go under the radar even in. The market that we're in the answer under the radar. To mean Manny it's you spend so the whole thing has gone over so much and he's he's a little bit of a chameleon that's fascinating. But I think the national media will come in for a day and then probably leaving out. Susan's luster thanks for coming all the way over here helping us out in this big story you're the first one to get it last week. And on Tuesday all -- all the time you're there with a -- as well we'll have Bob Melvin. And more excited now absolutely no I'll have a better production tomorrow have a break you stick around I'm not as excited about that.

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  20. thirteen runs on seventeen hits in a blowout of Tampa Bay Oakland what a spot in the fourth against James Shields homers by. That Matsui and Ryan Sweeney Trevor Cahill did the rest scattering four hits over seven. Third. Big lineup for you coming up later today