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Nakajima: 'You can call me Hiro'



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Sat, 16 Feb 2013|

Hiro Nakajima has charmed A's fans with his personality, but what about his on field skills?


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To say that hero Nakajima was eager for spring training is an understatement the shortstop arrived here in Arizona back on January 31. And while he joked to give him some time to get a tee and his true intention. With to get all those logistics out of the way so that now he can focus solely on baseball. And it seems to be paid off. And he looks like a veteran guy that's come into camp and is working his way in. You know using the other side of the of the field and moving around a little bit his hands looked very sure and confident. At taking ground balls. So we're we like what we've seen to this point you just can't wait until he gets his sleeps through the uniform. It's what you did everything still isn't responsible. Here are not PGA has spent his life dream meet at the moment but suit up in a Major League uniform. Not one mean anything to get in the way that they anticipated debut as the eighth everyday shortstop. He's using this spring into transition from date on Japan to the US. Communication between the second baseman shortstop is settling things. They really played the timing of the pitcher is also very important thing everything's going to be important he's serious about baseball I mean he's he's an effervescent personality that. He loves being out on the field. And here is especially excited to be on the same field with that it can be quail west -- The late season run where last year he thinks it's simply amazing. And you know in order to kind of reform that's kind of championship team this year he just he just wants to do everything. To his ability to contribute as a valuable asset for the team. Here it seems he's already getting the lingo down he was overheard in the clubhouse saying to his new teammates what set -- In Arizona I'm Kate longworth Comcast sports net.

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  20. Well you take pride in that that's for sure and you wanna carry that forward but you also understand that this is a new year and you have to let that go. But once you do let it go yet just to reflect and say what made this what made us. Last year able to to win the west and those things that. That