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Jim Kozimor & Melanie Collins: 'What's Trending?'

Tue, 25 Jun 2013|

The Cubs finally gave up on enigmatic third baseman Ian Stewart by cutting ties with him Tuesday afternoon. Chicago originally viewed Stewart as a possible core player after acquiring him from the Rockies in 2011.

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  1. 8.6: HOF- Jerry Rice, RAW (Part 2)

    to covenant and well you get if you're marked man. So every game is is like a playoff and they don't have to be Ian Stewart and if they're lucky if they stay healthy. You know hopefully they can't get back to some people play their game

  1. I'll decide for Stewart and that's why. we both got hit right starring in the corner. The San it's at in the period. You got locked in the charts

  2. them practicing going to military. Was probably a major reason I think both of course a few more than on the court stuff so. Stewart was sort of intensity and something else. And it's put up bottoming. Tornadoes laid out on my treatment and for good

  3. when you consistently so. Not just in the past him over the it was a attack scored. Defensively rotation with the guys so Stewart carvers. The last. That's what it looked like he. He broke the whole defense down and you could it don't mean. Kind

  4. and more of a thrust in there as we go. So it is it it's. What what can you elect can continue. You know it can go to Stewart can go ahead and it can go to I can go on and on as Tyler Kennedy was a lot of leaders in the locker room. Hum I just think

  5. will make a decision on whether he complied today. And get hold them and that decision made. Standpoint. It's different Stewart back how do you see your watch it. We just we just met this morning and we'd like to. Keep the disruption and as him at

  6. best it's numerically. here in this. Absolutely and it and you know myself. And a ball Max I'm sure if you genius like Stewart and of course it. But. You know on and start game one in the championship series last year this game here game 31 answers

  7. but manageable third downs first downs and more scores. It's more about that big home run play that Jennings and Jeremy Stewart just don't have and that's what they're really missing is that true dynamic play making ability that can. Keep the lead

  8. the long run but. You know if if if we have to be without there for her anytime you know war. So confident that both Jeremy Stewart . And Rashad Jennings and could have blown. No I don't think so. Yeah no I don't I don't think that's gonna do

  9. s probably one more starter and doesn't look forward to kind of close season. You bet there are scheduled to start some Stewart goes. You know simply to. Little different. An election coming in from. From over there that. You know it's kind of

  10. Kap: Luck and I both play to win


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    there. He's great quarterback. Very intelligent thing to do. Knows what he's going on the defensive line that. It was Stewart . They would go out to play anyway I think this of these things similar to that. when you got that night you were you figuring

  11. Doolittle wins 2013 Dave Stewart Community Service Award


    Tue, 17 Sep 2013

    Oakland A's relief pitcher Sean Doolittle has been named the recipient of the 2013 Dave Stewart Community Service Award.

  12. Sharks set to open preseason in Vancouver


    Mon, 16 Sep 2013

    Among the notables facing the Canucks are Joe Pavelski and his line with wingers Tomas Hertl and Tommy Wingels, and fourth liners Andrew Desjardins, James Sheppard and Adam Burish. Anthony Stewart , in camp on a tryout, will also play.

  13. makes you wanna get that it's early so calm you know our homework and approaches. We just put some barrels a long enough Stewart goals and you know we had some hits fall for us early and. Plus some runs. And I had an eight any what is going on with your

  14. Stewart aims to turn tryout into contract


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    Anthony Stewart had options as an unrestricted free agent, but the big-bodied forward decided to take his chances with the Sharks instead.

  15. do you know be we always talk about. And we always hit the in the every game in and it ruined I think most coaching staff Stewart . Want to look at the number of hits number of unnecessary hits that are quarterback took at the end of the season you're

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    for their first official practice of the 2013-14 season... What are the chances of Anthony Stewart earning a contract? (Angel Aguirre) What role do Doug Wilson and Todd McLellan hope to see Anthony Stewart play? (Jackie Klinck)

  17. Stewart to attend Sharks camp on a tryout


    Wed, 4 Sep 2013

    SAN JOSE – Veteran NHL forward Anthony Stewart will be attending Sharks training camp ..... a team source told CSNBayArea.com. Stewart , 28, has played 262 career NHL games ..... brother of St. Louis Blues forward Chris Stewart .

  18. and they're gonna need to go out there and play some. Yes. There. Well. Right now we have. Rashad Jennings and Jeremy Stewart I think both those guys have done a pretty good job this pre season will get another opportunity for them on Thursday night

  19. And you have all these amazing athletes out there. I'm teaching you the air craft. Rickey Henderson Dave Henderson Dave Stewart sunny guy makes the football coach at at cal. Mike. And breathing again. By eight and well you are your cat I think they

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    Wed, 14 Aug 2013

    people can try to hit the bottom of the park. There's gonna be good food and and celebrities Rickey Henderson and then Dave Stewart in some of the countered that as easily I don't want to help people Wally Haas. I'm here Rivera thinks so much coaching