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7.18: NYM/SFG Postgame- Brian Wilson


  1. tough loss1:37
Sun, 18 Jul 2010|

NEW YORK 4, GIANTS 3 FINAL/10 Wilson took the loss when he allowed a 2-out RBI double off the right field wall to Ike Davis.


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-- and it strikes us. They ultimate pitchers to pitch -- yet. It. Again you know I can't. Make the calls. What are the umpire calls I was bills right. Really ever second guess we need a big battle there. Against Rodriguez really does momentum going. I'm going to build off of that but ultimately it. You know I take full responsibility for that loss so commitment I still couldn't get through to pitch. So basically you know get three out of four of just got to go to LA and I get on another roll. -- course -- timing get two runs off perennial closer like that and it says something and it builds character for the team. So that's that's -- least positive -- to witness. From. Well it's extremely important especially. Had our ups and downs. Here against teams last. Game one Baumgartner -- game for -- Kendall and. And you know it is tough loss but you can't function.

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  3. week's. Nelson both tackles have Joseph Staley introduced search and great years. I was having their best years together in Davis definitely is just there's a lot of great years. I'm they're both playing very how fine. At some point. Three out you

  4. Manningham can be that guy let's see if Crabtree can get healthy and be kind of a double and think they've had. One guy Boldin in the at tight end Vernon Davis need one other guy that's help is on the way I think thank you tip he got.

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  6. francoeur yourself. As a blocking from just standing Vernon Davis and cap for his well what is going on with this offense is running ..... Have the bye week aside are getting a little break from Vernon Davis what he raced you hard Q I can without incident. Teams take

  7. complete game on the. And again so they leave them they must complete game would put together all season long but. It doesn't end here. Still more to I'm streaky. Yeah more than thirty points what them. Well I love the things happen about a week and come back. Practice that's where I it doesn't

  8. names on both sides. And we came up with the number that was it Gave up. A little bit now but for the record in the offseason Davis and put it on the Angeles have lost hold of straight line and you've got bit. You know as a premiums pleasantly so. And

  9. around any contract questions but he did tell me he like Raiders organization and is grateful for the opportunity. The late Al Davis has given at saint. I want to follow through with vision and help this team and get back to where we used to be. In there

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  11. this and it's. It's difficult is typical Lukas. Something on them and practice and you know last week the last two weeks that will. About the level. A Wednesday practice just because it was bothering me but. You know like I say it about you know as far as this game told our bodies you have to

  12. and nine consecutive practices. center Stefan was he was back on the practice field Wednesday afternoon. Which head coach Davis Alan called a huge bonus for the Raiders offense. And that's because this guy control the line of scrimmage he works out

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  14. just started practice for us. This would always start somehow. You perform in practice but I mean if you come to practice and have a sluggish today then. Chances are you want to lets him feel Sunday so I think we have a great week practice and coach Harbaugh kept harping on it said you guessed it

  15. get back into regular schools. And prior little something about being given a second chance he was given one by the late Al Davis . Despite his off the field issues at Ohio State. He gave me a chance he'd leave his my abilities. Should have been proven

  16. back into the local angle obviously Vernon Davis had a career day just in the first half ..... close this time around. You know why I Davis was dynamite does not long ago but this ..... gonna kind of drool little bit with Vernon Davis covering him when he's out. Wide and

  17. Did that in that in the off season mean no not really. There's A phase that I can. You know past the point where it. you know I'll get excited about catching passes. Getting yards and it's fine believe it's look. And let it. And you can do it and he knows it. Are you doing it in my reason these

  18. Yes. Tight ends are. Playing extremely well led. Vernon Davis who is today. A great player. I was asked earlier in the week ..... There was no breakout game I mean that's that's Vernon Davis does he's. The best that is the National Football League

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  20. Raiders owner Mark Davis talking about the coliseum city proposals ..... get a new stadium why is at that Mark Davis is so tight to the coliseum site. history ..... precursor to me the owner not being named Davis think there is a possibility of that down