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6.8: Chronicle Live -- Amanda Comak



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Tue, 7 Jun 2011|

Comak the future of Ivan Rodriguez and if there's a possiblity he could be traded to San Francisco.


Machine Generated Transcript

Welcome back to chronicle live outside of AT&T park with the Giants play. The Washington Nationals that are bringing Amanda called back the covers the nationals for The Washington Times Greg Papa outside of the yard -- to welcome to chronicle live we appreciate your time and all you want a conference call. Today with Stephen Strasburg at what what are assault -- doesn't anticipate getting back to the major leagues before the end of this season. I'm in the season hasn't been ruled out on at this point it's really tough to say if it's realistic -- they've they've been very guarded with the time line even even really doesn't know. What the white. Bad the next step isn't what really doing a month from now but. Tom we did have a -- solid and today time and he's and they he's been throwing. Three bullpen sessions a week thirty to forty fastballs each session hasn't thrown a breaking pitch yet. On had a big -- to the radar gun or anything like that on there really just going for his mechanics and his timing right now line. It was a gradual process -- He He said everything is really really good and yet no complaints. You know a lot of guys they come back from that Tommy John surgery actually throw harder now He was reflect what they are 9899. A hundred when He was out of San Diego State is is it. Why it might He come back -- throwing actually his fastball harder than before Amanda. I don't know if it's possible -- throwing his fastball higher than before I mean then you -- to be talking about a 10203. Miles now aren't. I am but I don't I don't know that that's even on his radar screen right now I think he'd like to get back in designing a -- side. -- on our rains and not being able to have command of his pitches and I think that's. If -- -- I question He violated -- in the exact same way that I just dead. I was the number one pick in 2009. Made his debut a year ago on the guy that was chosen with the number one pick. Last year Bryce -- so they have arguably the top pitching prospect and all of the Major League Baseball. And Strasburg and Bryce Harper may be that top level prospect as far as position players. Give an update on his guys all the talk around it. Baseball's a day in the sports world his antics again last night in the Sally league He had a home run of the is having a magnificent year -- he's tearing it up he's -- -- -- 342 -- fourteen home runs but I -- Rounded the bases last night between third and Obama they count up puckered up and I just want to. To the pitcher do you know this guy very well at all because everybody's got an opinion about the way Bryce handles himself on the field Amanda. -- I don't so I wouldn't say I -- -- to speak with a sorry on the subject I'm I'm only nobody in the -- around him briefly at spring training and that the band -- day. But not easily I think what He did last night was frowned upon I have been told that a it was easier than teaching experience in the entire single -- team it. You know when he's had instances like that you know I came in with a bit of reputations of fiery player. -- and he's gonna go through some growing pains it's tough -- you know it's -- to remember that He is only eighteen years old in the Al though that's not excuse and these things are gonna happen with and I think I think there's going to be some growing pains and it's that's the reason why he's not single day and I you guys week. Go into the second week of June. There's only candidate JT did you mention their youthful exuberance I don't wanna ask you about a guy was a kid like twenty years ago I never pudge Rodriguez breaking him the Texas. Rangers the first catcher to give us the sunglasses. Behind the catcher's mask but Gary is now. Aged thirty -- clearly his numbers are down he's not the player. That He was but there have been some rumors in light of the Buster Posey injury that the Mike Rizzo. Reached out to Brian Sabine trying to move up pudge Rodriguez who what are you know a lot about a possible trade between the Giants and the nationals that would have at the fourteen time all star wind up his career here with the Giants. I mean I've heard I heard a lot of same things that have been reported that you know that the nationals have reached out and ask them have kind of made it clear that they that they would move budget them if the packages correct they. I had reported trade. Maybe in place of the Red Sox and spring training there's a couple of rumors about that and non. They're -- -- for a package for an because He does still does provide value to the -- music he's still phenomenal defensive catcher He displayed his. His arm on several occasions this year gunning out runners at first base at second -- is me. And none you know He he's a good man Garnett to Wilson Ramos still I think he's embraced that role little bit more than people thought He might eight. When they when they first approached him about it because you are talking about you know Rosalyn Barrett -- not possibly probably featured hall of Famer. Time and being asked for the first time really it is created to to take a back up. Role and take that teaching role and none he's he's done and been a model citizen he's a great guy in the clubhouse he's still fiery guy gets fired up out there. On every game in and every play. Still no offense I believe like you an email to come over here in the place of Buster Posey his numbers are definitely down. On May just still have value and not you know. From -- from what I heard and what I read and you know although the ended talks between the Giants and nationals are really -- on the the national side. So I don't know how much she -- how much you know -- -- stock to put -- -- But you know I think is an option for the Giants they're interested days. Probably -- come up with some sort of price tag it's probably not just an NBA you know I don't. Guard -- we thank you for your time on.