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Morning Minute: Verlander ends A's run; Posey slams Giants to NLCS

Sun, 18 Aug 2013|

J.J. Hardy will miss his second straight game because of a bad back on Sunday.

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  1. O's pull away from Giants late; A's hold off Jays

    seven RBIs in August allowed five hits. Three earned runs and had five strikeouts over seven innings pitched. Both J . J . Hardy and Adam Jones hit long balls for the birds the Giants now a season high fifteen games. First place meanwhile in Canada

  2. Kruk and Kuip: Another good opportunity to get a win wasted

    I I really didn't think that. Matt was really good speed on high fastball that may not have even been a strike to J . J . Hardy . But two of the that's exactly what happened. team you make. Mistakes in the strikes over by the strikes over the

  3. Bochy, Leyland announce their All-Star starters

    Fourth will be Chris Davis. Fifth will be Jose Batista. Next will be David Ortiz. Followed by Adam Jones. Nomar. And J . J . Hardy . And I'm proud to announce the fishers the starting pitcher for Luke Murton it through 2013. All star game. Is

  4. 11.30: Mychael Urban on Miguel Tejada

    it spoke to the red talk about Marcos who broke. For the raves about Jason Bartlett I think maybe with the twins but J . J . Hardy . The structure the real work. out of the starting short stop that they're as good you've been told that they

  1. the one millions of scoring but to. Know you. You look at the Willingham pitch it was right down the hill and it's very hardy hit a home run in the big leagues with that pitch. 9293. Right the heart of the plate. And he's gonna hit it somewhere

  2. Hardy vs. Holley on A-Rod vs. Dempster


    Mon, 26 Aug 2013

    The guys on Sports Sunday debate over Dempster's plunking of A-Rod.

  3. schools want some schools are in right now let them it's a good time sort of leading smarting Marty's got game but Marty. Hardy is. My grandmother my fat and that. I wanna today dedicate this book so her and she loves baseball more than anyone I now

  4. Hardy to sit out second straight game


    Sun, 18 Aug 2013

    J . J . Hardy will miss his second straight game because of a bad back on Sunday.

  5. meetings. Stick your day job on the court are you kidding me it's on my iPod right now I'm loving that you waiting go to James Hardy I love it and I the commercial. I also love the Dodgers in this way I Giants fans sell them. But I love the Dodgers that they

  6. Hardy more consistent lower in lineup


    Sun, 11 Aug 2013

    J . J . Hardy is the third Orioles shortstop to hit 20 home runs in three straight seasons. Perhaps a drop in the batting order this season has helped.

  7. Orioles supportive of Biogenesis suspensions


    Tue, 6 Aug 2013

    J . J . Hardy feels the suspensions handed out in the Biogenesis case were appropriate.

  8. 'Sports Tonight Roulette'- If Sox miss Playoffs it's because of ____


    Tue, 6 Aug 2013

    Michael Felger, Gary Tanguay and Rob Hardy play "Sports Tonight Roulette" on "UNO Sports Tonight," playing a variety of fill-in-the-blank, over-under, odd-making and take-your-pick.

  9. Hardy not starting for first time this season


    Sat, 3 Aug 2013

    For the first time this season, manager Buck Showalter is not starting All-Star shortstop J . J . Hardy .

  10. Hardy looking for 'pathological honesty' in A-Rod situation


    Thu, 25 Jul 2013

    The situation surrounding Alex Rodriguez has become as confusing as ever, and Hardy thinks it's time someone cleared things up.

  11. Hernandez situation 'cloud' over Patriots head?


    Thu, 25 Jul 2013

    On "Uno Sports Tonight," Hardy and Ben Volin talk about the Patriots leaving behind the Aaron Hernandez situation as football begins.

  12. Orioles use long ball to beat Blue Jays 8-5


    Sat, 13 Jul 2013

    Chris Davis, J . J . Hardy and Adam Jones all homered in the Orioles' 8-5 win over the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday night.

  13. Davis, Hardy , Jones All-Star starters


    Sun, 7 Jul 2013

    There are four Orioles on the American League All-Star team; Chris Davis, J . J . Hardy and Adam Jones will start, and Manny Machado will be a reserve.

  14. Davis, Hardy , Jones AL All-Star leaders


    Wed, 3 Jul 2013

    Chris Davis, J . J . Hardy and Adam Jones are leading at their positions in voting for the American League All-Star team.

  15. Four Orioles continue to lead All-Star voting


    Sat, 22 Jun 2013

    For the second straight week, four Orioles, Chris Davis, J . J . Hardy , Adam Jones and Nick Markakis, lead in the All-Star voting.

  16. Markakis joins Davis, Hardy , Jones as All-Star leaders


    Sun, 16 Jun 2013

    Nick Markakis joins Adam Jones, Chris Davis and J . J . Hardy as leaders in the third round of All-Star voting. Will all four play in the Mid-Summer Classic?

  17. Jones thrilled by Orioles' All-Star voting prowess


    Sun, 9 Jun 2013

    Three Orioles, Chris Davis, J . J . Hardy and Adam Jones, are leading at their positions in All-Star Game voting.

  18. Hardy joins Davis, Jones as All-Star vote leaders


    Sat, 8 Jun 2013

    J . J . Hardy has joined Chris Davis and Adam Jones as leaders in balloting for the All-Star Game.

  19. Hardy shares Gold Glove with Hale


    Sun, 19 May 2013

    J . J . Hardy was so grateful to win the Gold Glove award that he shared it with last year's third base coach, DeMarlo Hale.

  20. Andrew Bogut he. That don't capped a fifteen to two Warriors run. Moments later though Bogut attempts to block he goes down hardy grabs that left elbow the same one I she had surgery. Not a good look but you know what he does stand to gain momentum. Second