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6.16: Rosenthal- are the Giants wildcard worthy?



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Tue, 16 Jun 2009|

Foxsports.com's Ken Rosenthal evaluates the Giants' wildcard chances in the National League.


Machine Generated Transcript

Bottom line this forming as far as the other second place teams in the other divisions. How do they rate when it comes to edge and out that competition of Al wild card spot. Essential is very competitive and it's really unclear right now which of those teams is going to emerge as the front runner. But when you look at the Brewers the Cubs the Cardinals and maybe even the reds though I doubt it those are competitive teams that will be in the mix. The Mets are probably the wild card of the wildcard contenders. And the reason for that is because they've suffered so many injuries just right now there without Delgado and Jose Reyes to their best offensive players. John Maine and Oliver Perez to their starting pitchers as well they're set up man J. J. Putz. They're gonna get some of those guys back as the season goes on in net at that point they should be more formidable.

  1. And a third innings of work. Overall how would you assess your first year in the major leagues last year Tom you know I'd putz is pretty successful obviously heading off to determine the start that I liked you but. You know you're gonna have some ups