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STA 2.26: Kevin Kouzmanoff and Jack Cust report to Spring Training



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Thu, 9 Dec 2010|

Urban brings A's news from Day 3 of the Winter Meetings.


Machine Generated Transcript

Well it's Wednesday day three at the winter meetings here in my point -- Vista Florida and the meetings have basically come to a close Thursday as the rule five draft. Not much going on there there hasn't been a whole lot going on. In terms of Oakland a's news here the entire week Billy being left on Tuesday morning David forced basically took over form. And there hasn't been much to report today's most significant news. Is only -- directly related to the a's Jack Cust their DH for the past Warriors signed a free agent deal with the Seattle Mariners that's significant. As far as the days ago. Because that means the options for the -- DH candidates specifically Hideki Matsui and Vlad Guerrero there all of a sudden reduced by one obvious met with the Mets series. Representative arm talent. At some point during this week and those talks went well. Matsui says that he wants to play for a team that can give a regular playing time. And a team who's going to be competitive or at least close to contention. If the -- do get Matsu they feel like it would be close contention because they do you have. That great pitching staff and they do have very good defense Vlad Guerrero is one of the names that kind of was added late to this mix. He wants to stay in the American League west. But the Rangers who we played for last year and really had a bounce back here injected value back up the Rangers are still the front runners to retain. Vlad Guerrero now as I mentioned. They're still looking for offensive help they've been doing that's been the mission since day one and Scott Boras today the super agent he represented Adrian Beltre. You've heard this week that offer that the a's made early in the offseason to Adrian Beltre five years and 64 million dollars that offer was pulled back you were kind of exasperated about the lack of response from Boris. And Beltre -- the second year in a row that they've gone after this guy but forest held court from about thirty reporters here in the hallway. At the big time Disney World hotel at which the winter meetings are being held and he said the doors not close. Adrian Beltre so when we met with David forced and his -- -- stolen and for Billy being. Somebody asked him have you ever put off for back on the table. That you already pulled back from somebody in the -- of had a longstanding policy against speaking to free agents. He sniffed -- -- saw right through that question and he said look you're talking about a specific player. You're talking about a specific situation. And I'm just not gonna get sucked and that but. Boris is doing what agents do he's trying to keep his client alive in the name in in the minds. Of the nation's media were gonna propagate all these rumors that you're hearing by. Basically what you get out of it is that Beltre is not completely out of this if he goes back the -- and says I like this deal than to deal could probably. Get done and if he does get done. Before -- three makes his decision I think it would make -- three decision. That much easier now the meetings closed Thursday with a rule five draft forces can be in the air by the time the rule five draft and there's not going to be a lot of news whatsoever coming -- it is but as most teams say when they leave the winter meetings after having done nothing they say we learned a lot we got a lot of information in its early in December. And we have two months through improve our club. I'm Michael Irvin for serious and Bay Area dot com.

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  20. Together and him had an for the backhand. Teammate. Williams. That situation. Excellent you know it's love and yeah. It's and you know put a lot of close game that's for sure. The it's. Even better. And play any other. Long time. It's good to be. You're working in the preakness. It's. It's it's