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2.24: Inside Fight Sports -- Cariaso respectful going into fight

Thu, 22 Aug 2013|

Jose Quintana takes the hill tonight as the White Sox go for their sixth straight win. In order to do that, though, they'll need to beat James Shields and the the contending Kansas City Royals.

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  1. Morning Minute: Pence psyched; Giants smile, A's frown.

    smiles and Oakland is Tampa Bay. He's the 88 to nothing Tommy Malone gives up five runs for a second straight start James Shields . Goes the distance he was masterful giving up three hits and striking out left. Broke the franchise record. That

  2. 4.28: Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse's Postgame Wrap

    All those things happening but a couple of strikeouts James Shields tonight. Had a changeup working we knew going in ..... Tonight for him twelve strikeouts not a career high James Shields got everybody pizza after striking out ten. And you

  3. 7.28: Morning Minute: Bay Area basball sweep

    night for the Jays thirteen runs on seventeen hits in a blowout of Tampa Bay Oakland what a spot in the fourth against James Shields homers by. That Matsui and Ryan Sweeney Trevor Cahill did the rest scattering four hits over seven. Third. Big lineup

  1. Sox go for six straight win on CSN


    Thu, 22 Aug 2013

    Jose Quintana takes the hill tonight as the White Sox go for their sixth straight win. In order to do that, though, they'll need to beat James Shields and the the contending Kansas City Royals.

  2. Live: White Sox go for sweep of Royals


    Sun, 23 Jun 2013

    Dylan Axelrod faces James Shields as the White Sox aim to secure their second sweep of 2013 Sunday afternoon at Kauffman Stadium. Follow every pitch with In-Game Live!

  3. show the people just how exciting games subsequently bought some very exciting game this team remember last your supporters shields went shield winner that means they have the best record in the regular season. Marked turnaround make sure things going the

  4. In-Game Live: Phillies vs. Royals


    Sat, 6 Apr 2013

    Follow along live as Cole Hamels and the Phillies close out their series with James Shields and the Royals at Citizens Bank Park.

  5. AL Central preview: Kansas City Royals


    Fri, 29 Mar 2013

    The Royals made a splash this winter by dealing top prospect Wil Myers for rotation help in James Shields and Wade Davis, but will it be enough to help end a 27-year playoff drought?

  6. NHL Notebook: League close to implementing mandatory visors


    Sun, 24 Mar 2013

    The NHL is close to implementing a mandatory rule that would require all of its players to wear protective shields . Right now, only 73 percent do.

  7. the latest Brewers and the Falcons tied the game. I'm writing down in a tie game greats who played defense in your blue shields about five seconds to play. And he's and I went to the basket it goes. game winning shot at the buzzer as. Unseeded player

  8. the other teammates. And the team that does that is gonna win now the Packers did it once last week he the past is that Sam Shields intercepted to the other wave at the 49ers. Did it let that bog him down happening bounce back from it and so you gotta have

  9. Hendricks and news outside of the UFC middleweight and San Francisco based fighter. Jake Shields admitted do you have C officials abusing. A banned substance. Shields will reportedly be suspended for up to six months after the positive drug test.

  10. is because I'm on in the game planning meetings but we got to be prepared prepared for anything they can do. Ever. Wait shields them. got more reps today so. And every day that he practices everyday he's out there with us he's one step closer to

  11. ninety's with Stevie and I did mentally. As a Manning out of Atlanta when Manning and being on shields and Alex Smith limited duty so shields . control and he he's winning games and I'm so happy that he's just plain insane eight down

  12. Teammate and cornerman, Gilbert Melendez gives a behind the scenes looks at Jake Shields' UFC 150 showdown with Ed Herman.

  13. ball just got on us a little bit quicker than we thought and the last couple nights we faced really good pitching. price and shields strikeout pitchers. It is a little bit of of a run this through these three games and we striking out quite a bit bright and

  14. Quest for Gold -- Abby Wambach


    Sun, 22 Jul 2012

    competitive edge. While box toughness. Dedication. And hard work has made her an icon of the women's soccer. Something shields will help influence today's youth and I'm proud to kind of part of that a part of a positive. Make a positive. My advice

  15. the cage and in need to be a little bit more hungry but. And a similar styles the makes for good fight. Also an action Jake Shields making his middleweight debut is this a more comfortable weight program. You know what perfect. it would be 170 pounds but

  16. 3.6: Chronicle Live -- Sam Cronin


    Tue, 6 Mar 2012

    technicians deserves it and it within eighteen yard box he's he's as you have on other a lot of sports fans who watched as shields may be new to soccer. I see your mid explain what you do when your role on the club. Some essential whom defensive midfielder

  17. for north Dallas ever made James is a great fighter. Jake Shields gave sexy all the can handle it as welterweight debut this ..... all three judges scored about thirty to 27. In favor Jake Shields Jenks didn't bruise as USC records of two and two. Also

  18. 1.12: Chronicle Live -- Fight Life


    Thu, 12 Jan 2012

    the guys are coming up in the system. Basically wants a different fighters at different levels for the documentary. Jake Shields he's he's a great fighter and that he's Bay Area native so. He knew he was in the air as you know. We heard about Jake

  19. net Bay Area. And other USC news San Francisco's Jake Shields will take going to see here are good job of February 26. Ed Nelson won 44 in Japan for the first time in his career. Shields is coming off back to back losses of last fight in Japan

  20. Went. Hit somebody on ones I know I've ever hit anybody in my in my life aren't words. I all that. I don't Wear the shields usually lose it'll be. You like hockey. I'm not even definitely. I'm not so. So. Practice. That He all the on it